What Are The Reasons That The Water From Solar Water Heater Is Not Hot?

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What Are The Reasons That The Water From Solar Water Heater Is Not Hot?

Nowadays, more and more users of solar water heaters are using solar water heaters, and during the use of solar water heaters, the phenomenon that the water from the solar water heaters is not hot often occurs. So the question is, what causes the water from the solar water heater to not be hot? There are also many reasons why the water from the solar water heater is not hot. Let's take a look at the reasons and the corresponding solutions.

1. The surface of the vacuum collector tube that has been used for a long time has a lot of dust or obstructions;

Solution: Wipe the dust on the surface of the vacuum collector tube and reflector, and then remove the obstruction.

2. Air leakage in the vacuum collector tube leads to the loss of vacuum;

Solution: Replace the vacuum collector tube.

3. The heat pipe fails;

Solution: replace the heat pipe.

4. The weather is bad and the solar radiation energy is insufficient, resulting in low temperature;

Solution: You can use an electric auxiliary heating device for auxiliary heating.

5. If the water valve is not closed tightly, the solar water heater will be in a state of slow water supply or water discharge.

Solution: Tighten the valve so that it does not leak water or check the quality of the valve, and then replace the water valve.

Sometimes, solar water heaters will not produce water. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

1. The water in the water tank has been emptied;

Solution: make up the water in the water tank.

2. The pipeline interface is loose or blocked;

Solution: Check for loose or blockage faults in the pipeline interface.

3. The upper and lower water pipes are frozen in winter;

Solution: Improve the pipe insulation, and at the same time install a heating cable or an antifreeze device.

4. The vacuum collector tube is damaged or the silicone ring falls off.

Solution: After the check is true, replace the vacuum tube or silicone ring.

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