User experience comparison of electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters

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There are many ways to supply domestic hot water, such as electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters. How to choose the suitable water heater for your family? This is a problem that many families will encounter. Today, I share some cases with you, hoping to help you quickly and accurately choose a household water heater.


1. Electric water heater

Joseph made a family two years ago and lived in the apartment with his wife. The apartment was equipped with an electric water heater, and they used it well without any trouble. Until one day, Joseph's friends came to visit and lived in their home. The embarrassing thing happened that night, when Joseph was the last one to took a shower, suddenly there was no hot water, and Joseph thought that the electric water heater had failed, rushed to take a cold shower, and then checked the water heater. The indicator light of the water heater is on, the display is normal, it is heating. Joseph suddenly realized that it was because they concentrated on bathing for the period of time, and electric heating was too late to heat the hot water.

Joseph wanted to replace the large-capacity electric water heater. He found out that the electric water heater had a maximum capacity of 100L and the number of people installed was very small. The one he installed was 50L. He checked the size of the bathroom and electric water heater again. It seems that he is not the first choice to replace the large-capacity electric water heater.

He began to pay attention to solar water heaters, gas water heaters and other types of water heaters...

2. Gas water heater

Jason lives on the 15th floor of the city center. He installs a gas water heater in his house. The convenient gas facilities make his heating cost only a small part of the cost of living. The installation space is small and does not affect other living facilities. When the original indoor pipeline was laid, he decisively adhered to his own opinions and made good insulation measures for the indoor hot water pipes. This way, the hot water outlet temperature and the set temperature kept a small temperature difference.

The floor where he is located is a secondary water supply. When the water pressure is low, the start of the gas water heater will be affected.

3. Solar water heater

When Charles renovated his new house, he adopted the combined intelligent heating mode of solar water heater and gas water heater. Although the one-time input cost is relatively high, Charles is very proud and comfortable of his intelligent choice. Whenever he looks at the warm sunshine, he will enjoy it.

On a hot summer day, he set up a swimming pool in the yard and used the extra solar energy to heat the swimming pool, which is a water park for children to play.

User experience comparison of electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters

Although the sun in the winter is not very good, as long as there is sunlight, the solar heat pipe will start work immediately, heating his water tank without losing any heat. In his floor heating system , his solar water tank is still used, which effectively improves the utilization of the product.

Gas water heaters can automatically start when it is rainy day and sunless in winter, which effectively compensates for the defects of solar water heaters. This seamless and intelligent control mode perfectly reflects the modern people's intelligent household concept and is the trend of modern lifestyle.

4. Performance comparison of electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters

4.1 Electric water heater

  • The capacity of electric water heaters is generally 40L-100L, which is suitable for families with a small number of people (1-3 people).

  • Electric water heaters have low equipment costs but are costly to use. Not suitable for use in electricity unstable areas.

  • Installing an electric water heater will take up a portion of the bathroom.

  • In areas with high water hardness, the magnesium rod should be replaced regularly, and the scale on the electric heating should be cleaned regularly to avoid the decrease of heat transfer efficiency and increase the cost of electricity.

  • Pay special attention to the safety of electricity use, avoid simultaneous heating and use.

4.2 Gas water heater

  • A wide range of models and functions, from home to public, you can find the right model.

  • Suitable for use in locations with gas pipelines and tap water supplies.

  • Low equipment costs and low cost of use.

  • Regular gas pipeline maintenance inspections.

  • Interrupted during use, there will be a long period of cold water when used again, and the user experience is not good.

4.3 Solar water heater

  • Use solar energy to save energy and protect the environment.

  • High one-time investment and low cost of use.

  • Long service life and low maintenance costs.

  • Safe to use, the hot water temperature is constant and the user experience is comfortable.

  • A wide range of models to meet the needs of different hot water levels from home to public facilities.

  • Insufficient hot water on rainy days and winters requires the use of auxiliary heating.

  • Install on a roof with good sunshine.


Different families, different needs. After we understand the basic performance of these water heaters, and then combine your own needs, you will choose the water heater products that your family is satisfied with.

In the traditional electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters and other heating methods into the modern intelligent device update technology, intelligent household to make your life better.

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