Three Reasons Why You Need A Solar Attic Fan

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Three Reasons Why You Need A Solar Attic Fan

If you have an extra bedroom upstairs, which tends to get too hot in summer, then your solution is to install a solar loft fan in the attic. This will help cool down your room, thereby making it more comfortable in hot weather. All you need to do is buy the number of fans you need, depending on the size of the space. Some spaces may require you to use three or more fans.

The best thing about using a solar loft fan is that you will have a free energy supply throughout its life. Once the fan is installed, you will not have to worry about bills and your room temperature will always be beneficial.

As the name suggests, the solar loft fan uses solar energy to operate. The fan draws the overheated air from the attic and replaces it with cool air outside the house. As a result, the work of HVAC to cool the rooms upstairs will be greatly reduced.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you need to make sure that the fan is on a south-facing roof slope. This allows it to obtain as much solar energy as possible, thereby making it more efficient. If the fan cannot absorb enough solar energy, its efficiency may decrease.

You need to keep the fan running at high speed at all times to avoid excessive indoor temperature. This can be best achieved by ensuring that the solar energy gets enough energy.


Benefits of Solar Attic Fan


Compared with the line-powered fan, the fan in the solar loft does not suck much. Therefore, they will not take the risk of filling the house with carbon monoxide gas, because carbon monoxide may cause death. The line fan can generate a negative pressure area to draw conditioned air into the attic area. There is a risk of pulling carbon monoxide from the combustion equipment back into the house. Therefore, the solar loft fan is safer.


Even if the summer temperature is moderate (assuming 80°F), it will double the temperature of the roof and the attic on the top floor, at least to 100°F, and possibly even higher. The static basic room vents do provide some passive cooling, but not enough to have a major impact on your comfort.

In the sweltering hot weather, when you run the attic fan, the temperature in the attic may drop sharply, making the entire living space cool. When this happens, you can increase the setting of the cooling system thermostat to help it work more efficiently.


Face reality, humidity here is a problem. There are many reasons why this is bad news for your loft space. If too much moisture stays in your house for too long, especially in an attic that you will never be able to enter, it will produce mold in the wooden beams and insulation.

First of all, moisture can easily reach your attic through showering and cooking and the outdoor environment. This is not a problem you want to ignore, but it can be solved with a solar attic fanfan.

Remember that any type of loft fan you invest in will perform best in lofts that are properly sealed and insulated to block heat and moisture. Please be sure to contact our team to understand your choice!

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