The working principle and advantages of solar air conditioner

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The solar air conditioner system takes into account both heating and cooling applications. It is an ideal application for comprehensive office, guest houses, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, aquaculture, and homes. In winter and even throughout the year, heating is required, such as domestic hot water, heating, swimming pool water heating and temperature regulation, etc., while the summer needs a cold world, with solar water heating, is a central air conditioner.

At present, countries all over the world are stepping up research on solar air conditioner technology. According to the survey, countries and regions that have established or are in the process of establishing solar air conditioner systems include Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This is because air-conditioner energy consumption in developed countries accounts for a large proportion of the annual energy consumption. The use of solar-powered air-conditioner systems is of great significance for saving conventional energy and protecting the natural environment.


Solar air conditioner works:

The so-called solar cooling is the use of solar collectors to provide the absorption medium of the heat medium required by the generator. The higher the temperature of the heat medium water, the higher the coefficient of performance (also known as COP) of the refrigerator, so that the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner system is also higher. For example, if the temperature of the heat medium water is about 60 ° C, the COP of the refrigerator is about 0 to 40; if the temperature of the heat medium water is about 90 ° C, the COP of the refrigerator is about 0 to 70; if the temperature of the heat medium is about 120 ° C, the refrigerator The COP can reach 110 or more.

Practice has proved that the solar air-conditioner technology scheme combining heat pipe vacuum tube collector and lithium bromide absorption chiller is successful, which opens up a new application field for solar thermal utilization technology.

Compared with conventional air conditioners, solar air conditioners have the following three distinct advantages:

◆ The solar air conditioner has good seasonal adaptability, that is to say, the cooling capacity of the system increases with the increase of solar radiant energy, which coincides with the urgent requirements for air conditioner in summer;

◆ The traditional compression chiller uses Freon as the medium, which has a great destructive effect on the atmosphere. The chiller uses non-toxic, harmless water or lithium bromide as the medium, which is very beneficial to the environment;

◆ Solar air conditioner system can combine summer cooling, winter heating and hot water supply in other seasons, which significantly improves the utilization and economy of solar energy systems.



In recent years, the surface temperature of the earth has increased year by year, people's requirements for air conditioner in summer have become more and more intense, and the installation of air conditioners has become a wave of consumption in most parts of China. We believe that the solar air conditioner system can play the comprehensive advantages of summer cooling, winter heating and hot water supply throughout the year, and it will surely achieve significant economic, social and environmental benefits, and has broad application prospects.

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