The importance of insurance in sea shipping

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The importance of insurance in sea shipping


  With the development of the economy, the exchanges between countries have become more frequent. In the process of international trade, cargo transportation and cargo transportation insurance are two very important but problem-prone links. In the face of fierce competition like a big wave, how to avoid risks and win the market wave where both opportunities and risks exist. It is a problem that must be solved. Once something goes wrong, how should the loss be minimized? Therefore, the importance of insurance in shipping cannot be ignored.


  Since December, maritime accidents have occurred frequently.

  On November 30, the "ONE APUS" encountered bad weather, the ship experienced severe turbulence and lost 1,816 containers, with a loss of 1.6 billion;

  On December 2, the "MUNICH MAERSK" vessel lost about 200 containers;

  On December 5, a series of three container ships collided in Bey, Algeria, causing the port crane to collapse;

  On December 14, in the North Channel Channel of the Yangtze Estuary,Two container ships collided,16 people were in danger,650 containers sank.

  However, in the past week there have been two more maritime accidents.

  On December 15, a container ship "KMTC JEBEL ALI" under KMTC collided with another cargo ship "BAHTERA SALBACH".

  On December 19, a container ship named "MAERSK CADIZ" with Maersk flag was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea in Nigeria.

  The various maritime transport accidents that have occurred in recent days all illustrate the importance of insurance in maritime transport.


  Cargo transportation insurance is a very important aspect of international trade, because the transportation of goods in international trade is far, long, involves many areas, and has a wide variety of risks. Especially in the process of ocean transportation, ships are often exposed to storms and huge risks. Natural disasters such as waves, or accidental risk accidents such as rocking on rocks, fire, grounding, and war. Therefore, it is very important to insure cargo insurance for international trade cargo transportation.

  In addition, goods are usually loaded and unloaded, moved, stacked, and stored many times during long-distance transportation, and various losses may also occur in these processes. In order to ensure timely compensation for losses in economic accounting, it is necessary to insure cargo transportation insurance. Don't avoid buying insurance to save insurance premiums.

  Marine insurance is divided into basic insurance and additional insurance, among which basic insurance includes Free from Particular Average(FPA), With Particular Average (WPA) and All Risks.

  In marine insurance, "all risks" is the easiest and saves trouble. Its coverage is Free from Particular Average(FPA), With Particular Average (WPA), and all or part of the loss of the insured goods due to external reasons during transportation. External reasons only refer to theft, failure to pick up the goods, fresh water rain, short quantity, mixing, contamination, leakage, bumps, odors, moisture and heat, hook damage, packaging cracks, rust damage.

  It should be noted that strike insurance and war insurance are not included in all risks, so if you ship to war-torn areas, you can purchase additional insurance.


  In fact, there is the possibility of cargo damage during transportation, especially if the transportation time is long, there are many accidental risks. Natural disasters such as severe weather pose a continuous threat to the cargo, and at the same time increase the possibility of cargo loss, theft and accidents. In order to avoid huge losses, the importance of insurance in shipping cannot be ignored.

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