The advantages of solar air conditioner

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The advantages of solar air conditioner


Solar air conditioner refers to a new type of solar composite superconducting cooling and heating air conditioner. It uses solar energy and renewable biomass fuel as the main energy source for heating. It uses a small amount of electric energy to use the low temperature of the ground source during cooling. The superconducting energy delivery system is used for direct cooling to achieve the best Reasonable energy-saving cooling effect is a truly green heating method.



The working principle of solar air conditioner:

The so-called solar cooling is the use of solar collectors to provide the heat absorption medium required by the generator. The higher the temperature of the heating medium water, the higher the coefficient of performance (also called COP) of the refrigerator, and therefore the higher the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system. For example, if the temperature of the heating medium water is about 60°C, the COP of the refrigerator is about 0-40; if the COP of the refrigerator is about 0-40. If the temperature of the heating medium water is about 90°C, the COP of the refrigerator is about 0 to 70. If the temperature of the heat medium is about 120°C, the COP of the refrigerator can reach 110 or higher.

Practice has proved that the solar air-conditioning technical solution combining the heat pipe vacuum tube collector and the lithium bromide absorption chiller is successful and opens up new application areas for solar thermal utilization technology.


Hybrid Solar Thermal Air Conditioner for Hotel

    Traditional air conditioners need to consume a lot of energy for a long time, and their energy efficiency is still very low, not only consumes energy and materials, but also accelerates global climate warming during use. It is a modern household appliance that is not environmentally friendly. The new solar air conditioner has a built-in high-efficiency and energy-saving heating and cooling air-conditioning system. It uses solar energy and renewable biomass fuels as the main energy sources for heating. It is a truly green heating; when cooling, it uses a small amount of electric energy to use the low temperature of the ground source and adopts a superconducting energy delivery system Direct cooling to achieve the most reasonable energy-saving cooling effect.

    The traditional compression refrigerator uses freon as the medium, which has a great damaging effect on the atmosphere, while the refrigerator uses non-toxic and harmless water or lithium bromide as the medium, which is very beneficial to protect the environment; solar air conditioning systems can The combination of summer cooling, winter heating and hot water supply in other seasons significantly improves the utilization and economy of solar energy systems. If solar air conditioners are installed in schools, hospitals, swimming pools, aquaculture, households and other units, it can effectively save a lot of energy.


    Especially in the midsummer season, the utilization rate of air conditioners is extremely high, and many old lines will strike or cause fires due to overload. This is also the biggest shortcoming of traditional air conditioners. The solar air-conditioning system can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of summer cooling, winter heating, and year-round provision of hot water, and will surely achieve significant economic, social and environmental benefits. It has strong promotion value and broad application prospects. At the same time, it uses solar energy to drive air conditioning. The system serves human life and is of great significance in saving conventional energy and protecting the natural environment.



With the development of my country's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment, and heating and air conditioning have become necessary facilities for buildings. On the other hand, due to the continuous exploitation and use of conventional energy, its reserves will continue to decrease, and the problem of environmental pollution will become more and more severe. Therefore, the use of solar energy for cooling and heating can not only save electricity and conventional energy, but also has great significance for environmental protection.

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