The Basics On How Solar Air Conditioning Works

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The Basics On How Solar Air Conditioning Works


Sunflower currently provides 4 types of hybrid solar thermal air conditioners: Wall-Mounted Type-- Floor Standing Type-- Cassette Type-- High Pressure Duct Type. Each of them has different models with different capacities for different room areas. One of the most important advantages of the solar thermal hybrid solar air conditioner is that it is energy saving, which can save at least 30% on electricity bills. This article will tell you how the system works to save energy.


Solar air-conditioning systems rely on one of the basic laws of physics –If you heat a gas, it will expand. All air conditioning systems use a closed loop of refrigerant (gas). The compressor (in the condenser) is usually used to pressurize the refrigerant so that the process can proceed. Alternatively, an external heat source (such as a solar tube or flat plate collector) can be used to capture the ambient temperature and transfer the heat to the refrigerant, thereby generating pressure in the closed loop of the refrigerant. The more heat the refrigerant is exposed to, the less work the compressor has to do to perform the process, so it is more energy efficient.

The With this in mind, the sunflower solar air conditioning system installed a solar collector near the condenser, which is used to collect heat and transfer it to the refrigerant before entering the compressor. In order to optimize efficiency, the solar collector has a thermally conductive internal coil and header box (filled with water). Once the refrigerant passes through the solar collector, it enters the compressor and finally pressurizes the system. This process can save up to 30-50% of energy.

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After the room reaches the desired temperature, the condenser will shut down. The refrigerant will continue to circulate until the room temperature deviates too much from the desired temperature. During this process, the pressure in the circulating refrigerant will gradually decrease, thus reducing the ability of the system to maintain the required temperature. When the pressure drops too low, the compressor will restart and re-pressurize the refrigerant appropriately. In contrast, because of the solar collector in the system, the refrigerant continues to be pressurized from the heat transferred to it, so the compressor will remain off for longer.

The compressor and the solar collector are paired together, so the system can be operated with a smaller compressor compared to an inverter system of the same size. Therefore, the total power consumption of the sunflower solar system is much less, and in conjunction with the solar collector cycle, the sunflower solar air conditioner can optimize the energy saving effect and reduce the operating cost.

Sunflower solar air conditioner series are suitable for any commercial or residential building within the system design parameters.


With the help of solar air conditioners, we can provide customers with energy-saving air-conditioning systems that utilize ambient temperature (heat energy) to provide cost-effective clean and green air-conditioning comfort. Given that usually one-third of household electricity bills are related to heating and cooling, this may be a considerable savings for ordinary households.

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