Solar water heater heat pipe system

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With the time goes by, more and more people choose solar energy products for environment protection. For home hot water heating, they will surely to choose solar water heaters.

heat pipe solar collector

In the market, there are different types of solar water heaters, as  solar water heater supplier, we also have different types, here we'd like to introduce a type of heat pipe solar collector, the information are as follows.
Why many people choose a  Sunflower Heat Pipe Solar Collector System?
Heat Pipe Technology as an advanced technology which has been used in Europe and it is with much higher efficiency in areas where diffuse radiations are more than direct radiations climates.
The selective coating on glass tube which transfer solar radiation into heat energy. The liquid rises in the heat pipe and transfer the heat to the manifold, when water pass throught the main copper pipe in the manifold and heated by heating transfer. So heating the water in the tank.
Heat Pipe Technology is best for some very cold places like Finland, Sweden and so on. Because heat pipe could resist the cold weather of -35 Celsius Degree.

Sunflower Solar

Solar Water heater (10)

SUnflower  Solar Solar Heating System will not only help reducing CO emissions of the environment, it can also reduce your 80% costs for hot water heating.
1. This type of heat pipe solar collector can work at high pressure of 6 bar (87 Psi).
2. It adopts heat pipe to deliver the heat energy with much higher efficiency.
3. Because there is no water in vacuum tube, there is no tube freezing into broken in winter, even in very cold areas.
4. Each heat pipe vacuum tube can work alone, so it can still work even if one pipe of vacuum tube is broken.

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