Solar heating hotel hot water supply system

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A tired journey, a hot bath, you will appreciate the hotel's facilities and services. Therefore, a good hotel must have good hot water supply equipment. The operation and maintenance costs of heating equipment are an important part of the hotel's operating costs, and the use of solar central heating is currently one of the most popular solutions.

 Solar heating hotel hot water supply system


一,The concept of central heating system for hotel

The hotel central heating center requires multiple hot water outlets to simultaneously discharge hot water, and there is hot water when it is opened. However, there is a section of pipe between the hot water tank and the water outlet, so that after opening the faucet, there will be a small amount of cold water before there is hot water.

In order to solve this problem, we add hot water return pipes and circulation pumps to the hot water supply pipe. You can set the minimum temperature of the hot water pipe (such as 42 ° C), and the temperature of the hot water pipe is detected by the temperature sensor. When the lowest temperature reaches the set value, the circulation pump will start, so that the water cooled in the pipe enters the water tank, and the hot water in the water tank enters the pipeline. In this way, it is ensured that hot water is always present in the hot pipe.


二,The composition of solar heating hot water system for hotel

1,solar collector module

The solar collector module converts the absorbed solar radiant energy into heat energy by using solar heat pipe collector, and rapidly transfers the heat energy into the flow channel through the phase change heat transfer of the super heat pipe inserted in the vacuum tube, and is converted into solar energy. The thermal energy utilized by the system.


2,heat exchange equipment

   A device for heat exchange between a solar collector and a hot water storage tank. The use of the heat exchanger can effectively protect the solar collector from corrosion, prolong the service life of the product, and maintain high efficiency for a long time.

   Heat exchangers are usually available in two ways. One is to provide a copper coil inside the tank. This is generally suitable for smaller tanks (generally no more than 3000L).

The second is the use of an external plate heat exchanger for larger hot water supply systems.


3,hot water storage tank

①below 2000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution, using a pressurized water storage tank. Due to the high cost of the pressurized storage hot water tank, it is suitable for small hotel heating projects.

②1000L-2000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution, using a non-pressure storage hot water tank, two coils in the water tank. The bottom coil is used for the solar collector circulation heating system and the top coil is used for the hot water supply.

③3000L-5000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution, also uses a non-pressure storage hot water tank, and a coil is placed at the bottom of the water tank. The bottom coil is used in a solar collector circulating heating system.

④6000L-12000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution, using non-pressure storage hot water tank, no coil inside the water tank. The heat absorbed by the solar collector is converted to a hot water storage tank using a plate heat exchanger.


4,hot water return circulation system

The solar controller controls the operation of the hot water return water circulation pump according to the water temperature of the hot water pipe, ensures that the hot water pipe is hot water at any time, and the guest opens the tap to immediately discharge hot water.



In public places such as hotels, apartments, fitness centers, spas, factories, schools, hospitals, etc., a large amount of hot water is needed every day, and energy expenditure is an important part of the cost. As solar heating systems become more popular, one-time investment in solar equipment for heating can recover investment costs in 2-4 years. The solar heating system has a life span of 15-20 years, and the fixed income in the later period is obvious. Not only that, but the larger the project, the more obvious the effect of energy saving and cost reduction.

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