Solar attic fan and solar gable fan

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Solar attic fan and solar gable fan

Solar fans are mechanical fans powered by solar panels. Solar panels are installed on the equipment or installed independently. Most solar fans do not require a secondary power source other than solar power, because most of them are used for cooling purposes during the day. Certain types are also used for heating purposes. It is the hottest externally running fastest and can save air conditioning costs.


The heat in the attic is caused by the sun baking on the roof surface. This sunlight heats up the roof material, thereby transferring heat to the attic through heat transfer. The accumulation of heat is usually dissipated by normal convection, that is, when the air is heated, it expands and rises and flows out of the attic through the vents placed at or near the peak, while fresh air is sucked into the attic from the air intake. Usually in the eaves (soffit) area. However, most roof vents are not sufficient to dissipate heat, and power ventilation fans are required to effectively remove heat. The solar attic fan is an effective way to use only solar energy to run the fan to remove the attic heat.

Solar attic fan-roof installation

A typical rooftop solar attic fan will effectively remove excess heat from the attic. When installed near the peak, the solar fan forces hot air out while sucking in fresh air through the eaves/soffit vents. This air exchange keeps the attic space from overheating. Solar attic fans can not only reduce the cooling cost of the home, but also extend the life of the roof.

Solar attic fan-gable installation

It is similar to the solar fan installed on the roof, but its installation is a bit different. Most attic fans are installed on the roof surface, while gable fans are installed on the gable, inside the attic, and behind the existing louvered gable vent, as the name suggests. They are mostly installed in greenhouses, huts, RV garages or barns, and other storage places where heat and moisture are usually present. These types of fans are usually installed behind the intake grille to provide ventilation. Gable solar fans are usually installed on the gable wall close to the ridge, and are also connected to the soffit or roof vents to achieve a balanced intake and exhaust passage. When there is more sunlight, the airflow depends on the level of sunlight, and the airflow will cause more enhanced cooling. It can also reduce air conditioning costs by cooling the attic.

Because the only energy source comes from solar panels, solar panels. It is important to have a larger solar panel to get better performance from the solar fan.

In 2007, in addition to the mansion of the Governor of Indiana, solar fans were installed on the roof of the terminal at Honolulu International Airport. In 2009, the Indiana Senate passed a bill to reduce taxes on homeowners with solar fans.


Solar fans are more environmentally friendly.

1.Although the initial installation may be more expensive, it will become cheaper in the long run because it does not use electricity from the utility grid and can save up to 30% in air conditioning costs.

2.Since there are no wires connected to the solar fan, the risk of electrical accidents is eliminated.

3.Compared with traditional fans, cordless devices provide more mobility.

Solar attic fan is a simple and environmentally wise solution for air circulation. Solar attic fan is suitable for tin houses, factories, warehouses, attics, villas, greenhouses, balconies with compartments, and glass houses. "Air" can also be used in tents or cabins to "ventilate" to avoid mold or peculiar smell due to long-term high temperature indoors. In addition to being practical, the solar attic fan completely uses solar power and does not require any city power during the day or night. It is a product that meets the current needs of environmental protection, saving, money, and carbon reduction. Create a more comfortable living environment and a healthy family for you.

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