Solar Water Heaters use up to 50 to 90 per cent less energy than electric water heaters

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The installation of renewable energy products in households and workplaces is essential to reduce and keep pace with rising electricity prices.
Solar Bright director Paul Yako realizes that this can be a great investment for customers, but said that it was important to deal with a company of renown that also offer the after-sales service.
Solarbright products include:
Skylights: Solarbright skylights have earned the Energy Star label and it has a warranty of 15 years against manufacturing defects in material and deterioration. Tubular skylights to take advantage of natural light to the free sun and reflect it in your home by filling it with bright and pure light.
Roof Breeze: Solarbright Breeze ceiling fan improves circulation of the roof air resulting in an energy efficient and healthy home. Developed completely by free solar energy, this elegant and efficient roof ventilation is compact, silent and powerful.
Solar hot water: Edwards solar water heaters use one maximum power of 50 to 90 per cent less than electric water heaters. The use of less energy means great savings in the use of energy for hot water can be.
Solar energy: solar panels are a great way to save money while that at the same time doing something positive for the environment. Although there is a financial outlay for the purchase and installation of solar panels, the money quickly saved in your energy bills.
The Lord says Yako installation of solar water heaters and solar panels for electricity in homes and workplaces remain accessible thanks to the solar credit discounts Solar offers bright as a point of sale with discount and bonus is available to everyone, including businesses.
"The return will be reduced to 33 per cent on July 1 of this year and in order to get the most benefit from the discounts of the solar systems can be installed at the end of June," he said. "You have installed products of energy efficiency for thousands of customers in Bright Solar installed system before the deadline and get these huge discounts for you before reducing."

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