Solar Ventilation For Residential Houses

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Hot air in the roof space can cause various systemic problems throughout the home. While you may not be aware of the effects of heat in the roof space, the consequences are obvious when you end up paying thousands of dollars for climate control, home repair and replacement. Managing the heat of the roof space can be tricky, but fortunately solar attic fan can reduce the heat in the roof space and save your money.


Project Background

Our client, located in Australia, where summer is already come, has a new house is under construction. He wants to make his attic cool all year round and longer service life.

Design Request

The attic is about 3000 square feet, 30,240 cubic feet at 12 feet height.


We recommend to install 2 units of 40W solar attic fan for his house.

What is included in the whole set?

Solar roof fans are mainly composed of solar panels, brushless DC motors, fan blades, air ducts and base. We use brushless DC motor, with long life and low noise, high-efficiency solar panels with 25 year service life and support frame made of stainless steel.

                              Solar Ventilation For Residential Houses


Product List

SFM-F40 Model



Installation angle



Solar panel


Frame: Aluminum 25*25*2mm

Service life:25 years

Warranty:5 years

Fan blade

Material: Aluminum

Air duct



Brushless DC Motor


Service life:30000 Hours

Warranty:2 year


Stainless steel,δ2.0mm



Galvanization steel,δ1.2mm

Service life:12 years

Warranty:5 years



Roof opening size


Solar attic fans convert energy from the sun into fan power to ventilate your attic space. By drawing hot air out of the attic space, negative pressure is created in the attic which draws cool air in through the home, and eventually into the attic. As the attic can be directly adjacent to living spaces like bedrooms, a hot attic can keep your rooms hot and create more work for your air conditioner. A cool attic improves energy efficiency by reducing air conditioner energy consumption.

Questions of Client

1.What is the damage for roof without ventilation?

Overheating roof can also damage the physical structure of the roof. Excessive roof heat can cause the roof to cover warping, causing the roof trusses to deteriorate over time. In winter, lack of ventilation may mean that heat is trapped in the roof space, causing ice dams, which can costly damage the roof. Excessive heat in the roof space contrasts with colder outside air, which can lead to condensation, which can also cause water damage and decay on the roof or elsewhere in the home.

2.The solar attic fan has battery for backup? If no battery, how to let fan work at night?

The solar attic fan does not have battery for backup. In daytime, solar panels create dc electricity in the sun then dc motor drive fan blade to work. At nights, solar attic fan does not work.

We can provide extra power adapter. If you want fan to work at night, you can connect fan to socket through power adapter.


Solar attic fans provide the ideal way to keep the attic cool and protect your home from heat during the hottest months. Solar attic fans can also protect your roof and home structure by balancing indoor and outdoor temperatures during the winter months. Solar energy-only fans work best on the hottest days, relying on solar energy, requiring ventilation and conserving electricity.

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