Solar Attic Fans For Shed

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 Solar Attic Fans For Shed

How hot is it in your shed? We all know what it's like to work in a metal shed in the summer.

Even in winter, the temperature inside the metal shed can reach 35 to 40 degrees. Of course, the fan will help the air circulation, and the whirlybird will work better by drawing out the hot air. However, compared with powerful solar fans such as our solar exhaust fans, whirlybird's efficiency is quite low.

The working principle of the Sunflower Solar Exhaust Fan is to extract hot air from the inside of the shed, and then replace the hot air with colder outside air. Thanks to its powerful motor and 5-blade fan, it does a very good job in this regard. When the sun comes out, the solar panels power the motor and start pumping air. The Sunflower Solar Ventilator can extract 20 times more air per hour than the standard whirlybird to cool your shed without paying for you.

We recommend installing some external eaves or wall vents around the shed (preferably on the cool sides (north and south)) to help air flow.

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