Solar Attic Fan In The US

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Solar Attic Fan In The US

In the hot summer, the hottest place in the house is the attic, which is the main reason why the upper floor of the house is always hotter than the lower floor. If the attic is not well ventilated, the temperature can be as high as 170 to 180 degrees (F) in summer. 

The attic is like a car parked in a place where the sun is directly exposed to the sun, and the temperature inside the car is hot enough to be hot. The attic is like a huge hot air bag covering the roof, which leads to accelerated aging of roof tiles and shortened service life. The other is that the temperature rises in the house and the air-conditioning workload increases, which wastes electricity and reduces the working life of the air-conditioning. The hot air in the attic causes the internal temperature of the upper floor to be higher than that of the lower floor, especially in single family residential.

At this time, it is necessary to install a fan to ventilate the attic. At the same time, the roof is the best place for unobstructed exposure to sunlight, so solar power is used to run the fans, which not only achieves the ventilation effect, but also reduces the cost of electricity.

Installing a solar fan on the roof can effectively remove the heat collected on the top of the interior, balance the temperature up and down in the house, and create a comfortable living environment. In summer, the temperature can be lowered, and in winter, ventilation can be maintained to reduce the growth of mold inside the attic, thereby affecting the roof life.

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