Should i run my solar attic fan in the winter ?

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Should i run my solar attic fan in the winter ?

  Attic ventilation is one of the most important things you can do for your home, and attic fans are the best way to ventilate the space. Many homeowners believe that ventilation is only important in summer, and they are most worried about expelling hot air before it accumulates and overheats their home. But this is far from the truth. Although yes, ventilation is important when the temperature is high,

But in winter it is the same, even more important. That is when the accumulation of moisture tends to increase due to extreme temperature changes, and the damage to the house is the same as heat. This silent threat can cause leaks, mold and fungus growth, insulation damage, and wood rot.

  Fortunately, the design of the loft fan can not only dissipate the heat in summer, but also reduce humidity in winter. Installing solar attic fans on the roof provides a simple, easy and economical solution to the problem of attic ventilation in winter. Therefore, we should turn on the loft fan in winter.

Reasons for opening attic fans in winter:

1. Prevent moisture accumulation, prevent mildew, mildew and rot

   In winter, your house emits constant heat. As the heat rises, it may be trapped in your attic, and the hot air is humid. The cold temperature outside makes the bottom of the roof cooler, which makes the conditions in the attic even more humid. When moisture accumulates, it can cause serious damage to your roof, damage insulation materials and cause aesthetic problems to the decoration of your home. Not to mention that mold and mildew thrive in humid environments. In order to prevent the accumulation of moisture, a fan in the attic is essential. It circulates the air and prevents the accumulation of moisture.

The solar loft fan exhausts hot and humid air from the loft while introducing cool, dry air into the space. This exchange prevents the formation of condensation and keeps the attic dry, avoiding rot, mold and fungus growth.

2. Prevent condensation, balance indoor and outdoor temperature

Maintaining a uniform temperature in the attic is one of the most reliable ways to suppress condensation and prevent the accumulation of moisture in the attic.

In the winter months, heat is not the only air gathering in the attic; hot air from exhaust fans, laundry and even dishes rises to the attic. When warm air hits the cooler surface of the attic structure, the moisture in the warm air collects on the water droplets on the surface and then turns into frost. This condensation will drip and collect on the insulating material, which can damage the insulating material and reduce its efficiency. This accumulation of moisture and condensation has consequences, leading to mold, rot and mildew.

The solar loft fan prevents condensation by constantly exchanging the warm, humid air inside the loft with the cool, dry air from outside your home.


3. Prevent damage caused by ice dams and protect the roof to extend its service life

In climates where snow and cold temperatures are common in winter, ice dams are another problem. When the warm indoor air rises to the top of the attic, an ice dam is formed. It melts the snow on the roof, and the snow flows to the eaves and drains where the roof temperature is cooler. This will cause the melted snow to refreeze and build up into a pile of ice within a few days. The blockage prevents the water from draining out, so it forces the water under the shingles, causing leakage and causing damage to the roof structure, walls, ceiling, and insulation. Ultimately, this can cause shingles to become brittle, causing them to fail and shorten the life of the roof.

Using solar attic fans to ventilate the attic can prevent ice dams from forming, help protect the roof to extend its life when the weather warms, and avoid costly repairs.


Installing attic fans before the onset of snow and cold temperatures in winter can help eliminate structural damage and expensive home repairs. The solar attic fan provides a simple, affordable and simple solution to common attic ventilation problems in winter.

The solar tube loft fan is designed for maximum airflow, reliable performance and low noise operation, easy to install and requires no maintenance. They use solar energy, so there is no operating cost.

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