Scheme design of home off-grid solar power system

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With the development and popularization of solar energy, solar energy can be used not only for heating but also for power supply. Solar products are becoming more and more popular. From a long-term perspective, electricity needs to be used every day in the home, which is not a small amount accumulated over a long period of time. Because the solar power system solution can not only reduce energy costs, but also save energy and protect the environment, it has been strongly promoted and liked by people.

The following is a design example of off-grid solar power system for reference.

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1. Basic requirements:

Agustin from Kenya, has a house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, 2 pcs florescent lights, 25 pcs outside lamps, 15 pcs inside lamps, a refrigerator, 2 sets TV , 6 sets air-conditioning, electric fence, electric stove, washing machine.

A total of 870Kwh of electricity needs to be purchased each month. As the local electricity bill is relatively expensive, it is required to configure an off-grid solar power system suitable for his situation.


2. Design ideas:

Since Agustin is located in Kenya, the climate is relatively sunny.

In this area, 1KW can generate 4 ~ 4.5kwh of electricity a day.

According to Agustin's monthly power consumption of 870kwh, it is calculated that 29KWh of electricity needs to be used every day.

Therefore, Agustin is equipped with 8KW off-grid solar power system, which can generate 32kwh ~ 36kwh per day.


Product List:

24 pcs of 340W solar panel,16 pcs of 200ah GEL battery ,Charge Controller,8KW Off Grid Inverter,and other accessories.


3. Design Features:

Scheme design of home off-grid solar power system

In solar off-grid power system, solar panels convert light energy into electricity, which is stored in battery by solar controller. Then the inverter converts low-voltage DC power into high-voltage AC power, and the power supply equipment works.

The system is capable of generating electricity from 32kwh to 36kwh per day.

And in line with Agustin's daily electricity situation, can provide sufficient electricity.

The number of solar panels exactly matches, avoiding excessive investment costs and waste.

The system is in line with the actual situation, the effective utilization of solar energy is high, and the effect of energy saving is obvious. Even if there is a power outage or unstable voltage, it can still be used.


4.Agustin likes the design of this off-grid solar power system, which can meet his daily power consumption requirements, and solve his troubles of paying expensive electricity bills every month. He is very satisfied.

However, Agustin has some doubts about this system:


① Is this system complicated to install? Are they all installed outdoors?

Installation is not complicated and we will provide installation instructions.

Solar panels are installed on sunny of groud, flat roofs or pitched roofs.

The batteries, controllers, inverters, and combiner boxes are installed indoors, and waterproof and safety measures are taken.


② What is the difference between the use of monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels?

a. From the comparison of power generation efficiency, in general, the power generation efficiency of monocrystalline is 19-21%, and the power generation efficiency of polycrystal is 17-19%.

b. From a price comparison, the price of monocrystalline is about 5-6% more expensive than polycrystal

C. In cloudy weather, the power generation effect of monocrystalline is slightly higher than that of polycrystalline, which is about 3-5% higher.

D. From the appearance, monocrystalline is more beautiful than polycrystalline.

The choice of monocrystalline or polycrystalline is mainly determined by preferences and usage habits.


In the end, Agustin's doubts about the off-grid solar power system were resolved. He was satisfied with the design of the solution and comprehensively resolved his requirements.


This solar power system is suitable for households with relatively large electricity consumption, and can meet the electrical needs of household appliances. Generally speaking, off-grid solar power systems are suitable for areas with unstable voltage, no electricity, and areas where electricity costs are relatively high. Off-grid solar power systems are relatively expensive, but in the long term, households are Electricity is needed, and it is not a small amount accumulated over a long period of time, so it is not costly to spread it out so. It is not only energy-saving, but also safe and pollution-free, which saves expenses and produces good economic benefits for many families. It also facilitates areas without electricity or voltage instability.

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