Precautions For Using Solar Water Heaters In Summer

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Precautions For Using Solar Water Heaters In Summer


The correct maintenance of solar water heaters plays an important role in the normal operation and prolonging service life of solar water heaters. Most people know that solar water heaters are affected by the weather in winter. In order to ensure sufficient heat, solar water heaters need to be protection. However, don't forget that the maintenance of solar water heaters in summer is equally important.



1. Choose the time of water filling scientifically

Under the sun's rays, the air temperature of the solar vacuum tube can be as high as 250 degrees Celsius. At this time, if filling water, it is extremely easy to cause the vacuum tube to burst.

The best time is two hours before sunrise in the morning or two hours after the sun sets in the evening. This can ensure that the solar vacuum tube will not burst and prolong its service life.


2. Reasonably adjust the hot and cold water valve

In summer, due to the prolonged solar time, the temperature is higher, and the domestic hot water consumption is less. Therefore, the hot water in solar water heaters tends to have a relatively high temperature, generally up to 60 degrees Celsius.

For ordinary households, the distance between the storage point of the solar water heater and the water point is often longer, and the water temperature in the water pipe can reach about 35 degrees Celsius due to the high temperature in summer.

Therefore, when we turn on the water heater, the normal-temperature hot water in the water pipe will be discharged first, and after a minute or two, the hot water will be discharged. If we are not careful, it may cause burns.

Therefore, pay attention to the temperature of hot water when using the water heater in summer.


3. Decide on the water supply according to the weather

If the next day is sunny, you can fill the water;

If it is cloudy or cloudy, the upper half tank of water;

If it rains all day, keep the original water without cold water.

(Except there is electric heating is used as auxiliary heating)


4. Check the pipeline regularly

Regularly check the vent hole to ensure it is unblocked, so as not to swell or collapse the water tank;

For solar water heaters with auxiliary electric heating devices, special attention should be paid to the water supply to prevent dry burning without water;

At the same time, check whether the solar water pipe insulation layer and UV protection tape are aging and cracked.

If the water pipe is exposed, it will become hard and brittle, crack and leak under the sun. It is best for users to install an insulation layer and anti-ultraviolet tape in advance to fully protect the water pipe.


5. Take precautions against thunderstorms and windy weather

Due to the need to absorb heat, solar water heaters are usually installed high on the roof. Typhoon weather in summer may easily cause solar water heater on roof to collapse and crash.

Therefore, users should pay attention to strengthening the bracket of the solar water heater in windy weather to prevent accidents. Be sure to fill the water heater with water on windy days to increase stability.

Not only that, the entire metal circuit of the solar water heater should be protected accordingly, and lightning protection devices should be installed to provide lightning protection.


6. Protective measures should be taken when solar water heaters are not used for a long time in summer.

Most solar water heaters use vacuum collector tubes. The evacuated collector tube has a high absorption efficiency, and the heating speed will be very fast in the summer season when the outside temperature is high, the sunshine time is long, and the radiation is strong.

If the water heater is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank will stay for a long time, and if the water tank is at a high temperature for a long time, it will accelerate the aging speed of the polyurethane of the insulation layer, and scale will easily form.

Therefore, if the solar water heater is not used for a long time, the solar collector can be covered to reduce repeated boiling.



The correct use of solar water heaters can not only better ensure that the family produces hot water, but more importantly, ensure the safety of water for the family.

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