Maintenance On Compact Non Pressure Solar Water Heater

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 Maintenance On Compact Non Pressure Solar Water Heater

  1. 1.  Add water into main tank at first time


It is forbidden to directly add water to the vacuum tube after placing tubes for a period time under direct sunlight, which will cause damage


1) Immediately insert the vacuum tube into tank holes and at the same time cover it with items such as cardboard boxes during installation process to avoid direct sunlight.

2) Add water into main tank in daytime without sunlight or in early morning

Operating procedures

  1. 1)   Open the cold water ball valve and let the cold water enter the water tank. Stay close to the water tank, hear a clear sound of water, indicating normal water supply. If there is no water entering the tank, check that the pipeline is blocked or not or check whether the water pressure can reach the tank or not

[Check method]

Disconnect the cold water inlet pipe on the water tank to see if any water flows out.

  1. 2)   Keep the water entering into tank for constant 5-10 minutes to check the seal ring is good or not. If there is leakage, pull out the vacuum tube and check the silicone ring inside tank holes and place them again until there is no leakage.


How to check the silicone is placed well or not, please kindly see installation manual Page 13

3). When the water tank is full, the water flows out from the overflow pipe and you have to close the ball valve

  1. 2.  How to use at first time

Under normal circumstances, you can use water from the tank of solar water heaters filled with water after 4-6 hours in direct sunlight.

  1. 1)   Open the water mixer (like picture here), the tap should be in the middle of the side slightly biased towards the hot water.

  1. 2)   Touch the water with your fingers. After you feel that there is hot water flowing out, adjust the water mix valve according to the water temperature, find comfortable temperature for shower

[Caution] It is strictly forbidden to bias the tap of water mixer to the leftmost hot water side, causing burns.

3. Time to add water into main tank

Under normal circumstances, you add water into main tank at night or in the morning, once a day.

If you add water at night, you should add water after all the family members have taken a bath

If your family has the habit of taking a bath in the morning, you can add water into main tank in the morning after taking a bath.


Under normal circumstances, the water tank should maintain a water level of at least 20%. If the water tank is drained and then you need to add water, please take steps as per the steps of adding water first time.

4. Overflow pipe

The overflow pipe has 2 functions.

1) It is possible to prevent the overflowing water from forming dirt on the surface of the tank.

2) The overflow pipe is connected to the indoor room to judge whether the water tank is full.

7, FAQ

[No hot water coming out]

How to check

1) Check the water temperature in the water tank

2) Check if the hot water outlet of the tank is blocked

3) Check if the hot water pipe from the water tank to the bathroom is blocked.

4) Check if the water mixing valve is good.

[The overflow pipe always has water flowing out]

1) Check if the inlet ball valve is sealed

2) Check if the hot water pipe and cold water pipes are mixed in use

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