Introduction of solar attic fan

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Introduction of solar attic fan

Roof ventilation allows air to flow through the attic space and out through roof vents. Properly installed roof vents will prevent the roof from overheating. They also prevent condensation from forming. When roofs overheat or moisture builds up, it can lead to extensive damage or health risks.

When ventilation systems are not installed correctly; it can lead to problems. The development of these problems can pose serious health risks and cause damage to property. Some of the problems that can occur are mold growth, ice dams, and increased energy costs for homeowners.

Every home needs attic ventilation because it works throughout hot, cold and mixed climates. Therefore, it is needed in every season. Vents serve to remove hot and humid air from the attic. As a result, homeowners can regulate the temperature of their homes throughout the year. A well-ventilated roof will keep the home at a comfortable temperature and maintain the temperature you desire throughout the year.

In cold climates, roof vents will ensure that the attic is the right temperature. When the weather freezes, roof vents will prevent ice dams from forming. When the heat of the sun and the warmth of the roof melts the snow and ice, ice dams can form in a short period of time. This water then collects, refreezes, and forms puddles along the roof. In addition, ventilation will allow any moisture in the air to be removed from the living space below and escape through the attic.

Ventilation is equally important in hot climates. When the weather is hotter, the vents will work by removing hot air from the attic. This will therefore cool the house and reduce the cost of running the air conditioning system.

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