Installation orientation of solar panels

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Installation orientation of solar panels

To understand the direction of the solar panels, we must first understand the laws of the sun. Everyone knows that the sun rises from the true east and sets from the west. All solar panels can only absorb light energy when they face the north-south direction. We must distinguish clearly. The direction of southeast and northwest.


Generally speaking, the square array of solar panels faces due south, and the square array can be understood as the surface of the solar panel. When the angle between the vertical plane of the solar panel array and the true south direction is 0 degrees, the solar panel generates the maximum power, and the peak time of solar radiation energy is after noon, about 12 to 1 o'clock noon. This means that when the sun hits the surface of the solar energy at 90 degrees perpendicular to it from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock noon, that is when the power generation peaks. At this optimal azimuth angle, if you shift the solar panel to the east or west by 30 degrees from due south, the power generation of the solar panel will be reduced by 10%~20%, so the azimuth angle of the solar panel is very important. Azimuth angle, the power generation of solar panels will be reduced.


The inclination angle of the solar panel is the angle between the surface of the solar panel and the horizontal ground. When the azimuth angle is known, the tilt angle can be calculated. I won’t emphasize it here. We all hope that this angle is the best inclination angle during the year when the power generation is the largest. Different regions and different seasons will have certain differences in power generation. The design of the azimuth and inclination angles should also be considered in combination with the actual situation.


When we install solar panels, whether we put solar panels on the roof or balcony, or on the wall, we should try our best to put them in a southerly direction, Otherwise, it can only shine in the morning sun or only the afternoon sun.

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