Installation angle of solar water heater

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Installation angle of solar water heater

When installing solar water heaters, the angle and direction of installation are very important because it will affect the efficiency of the solar collector. Naturally people want the collectors to receive the maximum amount of sunlight each day and throughout the year.

The efficiency of a solar product is affected by the installation angle.

Generally speaking,

If the highest total heat throughout the year is required, the installation angle is equal to the local dimension.

If considering the low temperature in winter and the incident angle of sunlight, the installation angle = local dimension + 10 degrees.

Of course, this is not fixed, it also has some relationship with the product category.

For example, the tube water heater, because the tube is round, the thermal efficiency is less affected by the incident angle of the sun.

In addition, if it is a heat pipe type solar water heater, the efficiency of the heat pipe itself is affected by the installation angle, and the best installation angle is 30-60 degrees.

The aesthetics of the installation are just as important, and there are times when we would rather lose some heat and maintain a beautiful building.

If you have any questions about solar water heater installation or installation angle, Sunflower Solar will help you.

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