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   In general, solar water heaters, water way can be divided into stuffy sun-DC type, cycle type Solar Collectorthree.
The acrid Sun solar water heater is a collector, substantial one of the. Sheng impoundment different can be divided in a shallow pool-type plastic bag type cylinder three.


Characteristics of circulation type solar system
After the cycle of the power, can in the natural cycle, automatic cycle in warm water set be divided and forced circulation of three types.
Cycle all glass vacuum tube solar water heater is the use of vacuum tube collectors with high absorption and low emissivity, the absorption of solar radiation into heat, which has achieved using cold water as hot in big water, a small part of the characteristics of the formation of cold water in the vacuum tube top to bottom, bottom to top hot water natural circulation, so that the water temperature is gradually increased, to a certain temperature.
Vacuum tube is circular, with a natural sunlight tracking functions, plus reflectors in the reflection principle the glass tube is surrounded by light collector effect more, higher water temperature, even if the Alpine region is also correctly run throughout the year.
The price of solar water heaters is relatively high, so his original investment. At the same time that use of solar water heater be influenced also by weather in the rainy days, you must use the auxiliary heating device.
Characteristics of the heat pump solar water heaters
The heat pump solar water heaters, known also as air-to-water, water heaters in the last two years on the market. It works with very little electricity through heat transfer of Arbeitsfluids in the air of low temperature to a higher temperature of water is absorbed, and then through the compressor. In fact, the essence of this water heater in the use of electricity, but the power consumption of only same capacity is electric water heaters 1/4 mountain and Valley electricity Valley electric hot water, then heated 30 litre hot water costs to $0.1.

Solar Water Heater


Efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental properties of water heater is a better product in the current water heater, but also more expensive, the price is generally $6000, ~ 8000 set. Many villas to the installation of the water heater.
Properties of vacuum tube solar water heater
Capacity: solar system user home users. At the time of purchase, consumers are "Family big his x 30 litres is the capacity required." However consumers the best to 120 litres up to 140 litres buy capacity something bigger, such as the family of three. In hot water can also other family, (a larger amount in addition to a bathroom outside), then you can also check a larger capacity water heater. General terms and conditions of solar collectors for hot water production family, always the feeling, the hot water is not enough. That is, because every day for free a lot of hot water to create the solar system, many consumers to the dishes, clothes tend to wash, to switch hot water causes. "
Produced water: get the vacuum tube of "long × W" in the position, a solar collector area. Per m2 collector area, the day can in the summer produce more than 40 ° C hot water 80 litres up to 100 litres of spring and autumn 60 litres up to 70 litres, in winter 40 to 50 litres.
Temperature resistance: better temperature stability of the solar system. As long as the hot water tank, and do not appear on the first heat to the cold phenomena. Solar water heaters with a very comfortable place, it is Sheung Shui manually, and can not always hot water.
Fee: In addition to the rainy days solar water heaters use no other costs (such as Gasrechnungen, stream). In rainy weather the consumer must use the auxiliary heating device, and you have to pay for electricity. "In fact, in the rainy days solar is temperature of less than a bad still at work, only to hot water to produce needs." However, the water in the tank higher temperature than normal tap water temperature, use also rainy days there as the ordinary electric water heater power. "
The risk of safety: Use no electricity or gas, consumers would not shock or poisoning, so that the security of the solar system is very high. Only consumers in the bathroom the use of auxiliary heating device, do not forget to the leakage protection plug use.

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