How to solve the problem of not filling the water on household non-pressurized solar water heaters

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Solar energy is a renewable resource, and renewable resources are very practical for us. Renewable resources also mean environmental protection, health and energy conservation, which is what we need now. With the development of technology, solar energy is used in the equipment of life, which brings convenience and brings effects to our lives. At the same time, all solar energy products may malfunction during use, which is normal. For example, in a non-pressurized solar water heater, there is a situation in which water cannot be supplied. Therefore, how should we solve this situation?


1, Check whether the upper water pipe and outlet pipe are normal

In non-pressured solar water heaters, some users may encounter tap water that cannot be reached into the water tank. If you encounter this situation, don't panic. First, check whether the water or other pipes are damaged, broken or blocked, thus affecting the water supply.

In addition, in the solar water heating system, all pipelines need to take certain insulation measures. If the insulation performance of the upper and outlet pipes in the solar water heater is lowered, the pipes will not be able to be properly watered if they are frozen in winter.

Therefore, regularly check or replace the upper and outlet water pipes in the non-pressurized solar water heater, and make a certain insulation measures, so as to effectively prevent the abnormality of the water on the solar water heater.


2, Temperature control filling the water

Under normal circumstances, the controller of the integrated non-pressurized solar water heater can display the water temperature and water level; use the sensor to detect the water temperature and water level to control the water tank to add water; and can control the electric heating and other ancillary equipment to fully control the solar water heater.

Assume that the temperature set by the controller is 45 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature in the water tank reaches 45 degrees Celsius, the solenoid valve opens and starts to filling water. Conversely, if the controller cannot control the water supply, check if the temperature control probe is damaged. Once the sensor fails, it will affect the water in the tank. It is recommended to replace the sensor. 


3, Water level filling the water

Similar to the temperature controll filling the water, it is assumed that the water level set by the controller is 50% of the water tank. When the water in the water tank is used up to 50%, the solenoid valve is opened and the water supply starts. When the water in the water tank is less than 50%, there is still no sign of water supply, which indicates that the sensor has a problem and needs to be replaced.

How to solve the problem of not filling the water on household non-pressurized solar water heaters

4, the water supplier filling the water

The auxiliary water tank is used for the mechanical automatic water supply of the non-pressurized solar water heater. It does not need electricity, and the performance is stable and reliable, and the installation is convenient.

When the water level of the solar hot water storage tank is lowered, the floating ball of the auxiliary water tank is lowered, and the water inlet valve is automatically opened to replenish the water tank. When the water tank is filled with water, the float rises and the inlet valve is automatically closed to stop adding water.

If you encounter a situation where the water supplier cannot be filling the water, you can first check if the float in the water supplier is displaced (jammed).


There are many reasons why a non-pressurized solar water heater cannot be filling the water to the solar water tank. No matter which aspect is a problem, it is very necessary to deal with it in a timely and effective manner. The above-mentioned content sharing causes the specific reasons for the solar water heater not being able to supplier water, and the corresponding solution.

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