How to install solar water heaters correctly

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How to install solar water heaters correctly


As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product, solar water heaters have always been favored by consumers. Since the installation of solar water heaters has its special needs, its standardized installation is an important part of using money. So how to choose the installation angle correctly? 


Installation points of solar water heater

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1. Installation location

The use of solar energy is mainly to fully absorb sunlight to convert light energy into heat energy, thereby achieving the purpose of heating water. It is conceivable for the selection of its installation location. Because it is exposed to the natural environment and can be fixed without obstruction, it can absorb sunlight at any time. The general location should be in vacant places such as balconies and roofs.

2. Installation height

Solar water heaters are classified into top-water installation or over-water installation according to their installation height. The former mainly refers to the installation method where the height of the solar water heater is equal to or lower than the use position. It is an installation method in which the hot water is pressed to a high place through the pressure of the tap water in the pipeline. The latter is an installation method in which the water heater is located higher than the use position, and the water in the water heater flows out by its own gravity during use. The user can choose according to the actual situation.

3. Installation angle

Through the understanding of solar water heating projects, the installation angle of solar water heaters is the installation angle of the collector. The installation angle of the solar water heater is the best, but it is not static. If affected by related factors, it can be biased towards the south. Change within 10° east or west.

The angle between the solar radiation at noon and the ground varies greatly throughout the year. The inclination angle of the water heater should be the same as the local latitude to ensure that the solar radiation swings 23.5° from the vertical state throughout the year. If the water heater is made into an adjustable inclination angle, The stability is reduced, the structure is complicated, and it needs to be adjusted several times a year to use, and the fixed angles are 23°, 33°, 42°, 50°, which are adapted to low, medium and high latitude regions, and improve heat collection efficiency.

When used throughout the year, the inclination angle of the solar water heater is best to be equal to the local latitude; if it is only used in summer, the inclination angle is the local latitude minus 10°, and the opposite is true in winter.


Whether the solar water heater can exert the greatest effect depends on its installation angle. The wind resistance performance mainly depends on its installation and fixation, so the installation of the water heater must choose a suitable installation angle, which is stable and firm, and can resist the invasion of strong wind. Past installation and after-sales maintenance practices have proved that installation technology greatly affects the service life of solar water heaters.

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