How to choose the suitable floor for floor heating

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In order to get a more comfortable and healthy living environment, people have begun to use the heated floor heatinfg in the winter to make the whole room warm. Today, there are many types of floors that need to be laid after installing floor heating. Commonly used are solid wood floors, laminate floors, tiles, marble and cork floors. For families that have already installed or are ready to install floor heating, the choice of which floor to use is a major consideration. Objectively speaking, these kinds of floors do not have absolute good or bad points, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's look down together.



一、Solid wood floor

In countries such as Europe and the United States, the most common decoration for most homes is solid wood floor. The solid wood floor is made of natural wood and is a relatively environmentally friendly material.

Because of this, solid wood has a higher water content than other materials. If it is heated, it is prone to cracking or deformation. And it takes a lot of thought during the subsequent use and maintenance process.


二、Laminate floor

In addition to solid wood floor, many countries seem to prefer laminate flooring. Laminate floor is a type of floor that meets the expected performance by manually changing the natural structure of the flooring material.

Usually, users like to compare solid wood floor with laminate floor. It is undeniable that the laminate floor is more stable and strengthened than the solid wood floor, and it is not prone to cracking and deformation. Not only that, when the room reaches a certain temperature, after the floor heating is turned off, the temperature can be kept for a long time without falling.

Of course, any one thing has its advantages and disadvantages. When the user misuses or the floor is wet or damaged, if it is not repaired in time, cracking and arching will also occur.

Therefore, it is important to note that at the time of purchase, products with quality assurance and inspection reports should be selected to avoid the purchase of inferior laminate floor.


三、Ceramic tile

In home decoration in countries such as Europe and the United States, tiles are also chosen as the floor for floor heating. The advantage of the tile is that it has good heat dissipation and can be heated quickly in a short time. Compared to solid wood and laminate floor, tiles can reach temperatures of 3-5 degrees Celsius above the wooden floor. In addition, the stability of the tile is very good, it is not easily deformed by heat, which is convenient for daily care and cleaning.

On the contrary, the insulation properties of tiles are very poor. When the floor heating is turned off, the temperature will drop rapidly; when it is not warm, it will feel very cold and hard.



Everyone knows that the texture of marble is very beautiful and atmospheric. For those who demand high aesthetics, marble is generally chosen for floor heating. Its thermal conductivity is very good, and its thermal insulation performance is better than that of ceramic tiles. Not only that, marble's water resistance and friction resistance are not easily damaged.

Due to the pursuit of beauty and experience, the price of marble is relatively high. But everyone's choices and pursuits are very different, no doubt choosing their own favorite or high value.


五、Cork floor

With the continuous development of decoration materials and the increasing demands of people's request, an ideal cork floor has appeared in people's field of vision. The advantages of all floors are combined here. Stability, water resistance, moisture resistance, thermal conductivity, and thermal insulation are much higher than those of other materials. Because the cork floor itself is a honeycomb structure, it quickly heats up, slowly cools down, and saves energy.

In addition, the cork floor is soft and comfortable, which can greatly reduce the noise of people walking, and can also provide buffer for the elderly and children who accidentally fall.

It should be noted that the quality of cork floor installation will directly affect its service life. Therefore, in the installation process, strictly follow the installation requirements.



Through the analysis of the above-mentioned materials floor, you can choose the floor suitable for your geothermal heating through your actual situation and standards. In addition, the floor heating system uses the circulating hot water in the closed pipeline laid under the floor to heat the floor, so it is important to choose a floor with good thermal conductivity. Not only that, the solar heating system can be combined with other energy sources such as gas, heat pump, electricity, etc. to form a hybrid heating system, reducing the cost of use.

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