How to Design a Solar Pool & Space Heating System

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How to Design a Solar Pool & Space Heating System


Solar pool and space heating is considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to heat the pool. In the South California of USA, thanks to our abundant sunlight, solar heating is the most popular method of warming the pool water. Solar heating systems harness free energy coming from the sun.

Installing a solar system means that you can use the free energy of the sun to heat the swimming pool and space. The solar pool heating system is a great way to extend your swimming season and provide your pool with resort temperature for 7-9 months per year depending on your location.


How to Design a Solar Pool & Space Heating System

A client in the USA who wants to set up a solar pool system all year round and at the same time, he want an extra storage tank 500L for space heating.

Design Request

An economical solution for the realization of a project of pool and space heating equipped with solar water heater.
a) Inside pool. The pool is 4.5M x 23M and about 1.2M depth. The client needs to heat the pool from 26 to 28 during the day. USA southern California.

b) He would like large tank to store energy overnight for space heating in early morning.

Design Basis

This project is located in in the south California. We use the meteorological data of Bakersfield as the design basis.


The entire system must provide pool heating throughout the year, and provide enough heat energy for space heating in the morning.

According to sun insolation in Bakersfield, we are going to use 9 sets of SFB305818 collectors to heat the 500L water tank with 2 coils.

System Diagram

system space and pool heating

Design Feature

This is an automatic control system, at any time of within the year, solar collectors preferentially heat the tank. We can set the maximum water temperature of the tank to 60 degrees Celsius (temperature can be set by the controller according to customer request) these hot water can be used for space heating in the morning.

When the water tank temperature reaches for example 60 ° C, R4 automatically switches to the heat pool.

When there is excess hot water in the tank, you also can heat the floor by switching on R5.

Question of Customer

So far the client raised a question. How does the system work if it hits a rainy day? The customer is a very careful person and all kinds of situations have been taken into consideration. This is indeed a question worth considering.

How to solve it?

On sunny days, the solar energy provides enough heat for the collector to heat the tank. On cloudy or rainy days, when solar energy is not enough, the backup power can be used to heat tank.

1. When the solar energy is insufficient, you can start the electric heating in tank to heat the water inside.

2. Add a backup equipment to the entire system, such as gas water heaters, electric water heaters. When the solar energy is insufficient, start the backup energy to heat tank.

The customer is very satisfied with the design of the whole system. Because the system meets the customer's needs, and also solves the customer's concerns with reasonable prices.

System design


Selecting the appropriate solar heating system depends on factors such as the site, design, and heating needs of your house.

The local climate, the type and efficiency of the collector(s), and the collector aperture area determine how much heat a solar heating system can provide.

Most buildings require a back-up heating system. Supplementary or back-up systems supply heat when the solar system cannot meet heating requirements. Backups can range from a wood stove to gas heater, electric heater etc.

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