How often is the magnesium rod changed?

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How often is the magnesium rod changed?

Under normal circumstances, magnesium rods are replaced once every 1-2 years. However, in hard water areas, the corrosion rate of magnesium rods is accelerated and can be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.

Magnesium rods are commonly known as magnesium anodes or anode magnesium blocks. They are used in the inner tank of solar water tanks to prevent corrosion and soften water.

In the solar water heater, the magnesium rod is installed in the metal inner container, the magnesium anode and the metal inner container form a small resistance through the water, the magnesium anode starts to output current, and the exposed metal inner container produces a polarized film protective layer to prevent the inside The metal is corroded to reach the protective water tank.

Since the magnesium anode consumes itself when outputting current, it is called the sacrificial anode method.

The magnesium rod generates electric field vibration during the output current process, which makes the scale loose, not easy to scale, and easy to clean.

Placing a magnesium rod inside the solar water heater can effectively reduce the scale on the surface of the electric heating, and prevent the electric heating from being damaged due to local fouling and overheating, causing electric leakage and causing safety hazards.

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