How does solar attic fan work and what benefits it brings

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How does solar attic fan work and what benefits it brings

   How does a solar attic fan work and what are the benefits? More and more people are asking this question. I believe that many people will have an attic in their homes. The attic is usually called a space for storing old things. However, if properly managed, it also plays a vital role in controlling the air flow in the home. In normal times we may not pay attention, but if we do not consider the maintenance of the attic for a long time, then we may pay for it.

  Installing solar attic fans on the roof is one of the most effective ways to optimize attic ventilation. Installation is easy, and once installed, almost no maintenance is required.

1. This is the working principle of solar attic fan.

Solar fan is a ventilation device that uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy and drive the motor to operate.

Solar fan is 100% solar energy, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing electricity bills, and can keep fresh air in the room.

2. Solar attic fan in summer

Without proper ventilation, attic may reach very high temperatures in summer! This accumulated heat can be trapped in insulating materials and piping systems, which can damage roofing materials and increase the load on the air conditioning system.

The solar attic fan can continuously exchange attic air to avoid the accumulation of heat and moisture.


3. Solar attic fan in winter

In winter, warm air rises from the living space below to the attic space, where it comes into contact with the cold underside of the roof. When hot air comes into contact with the roof to cool down, it will condense, causing rot, mildew, and mildew; all of these can cause serious damage to your roofing materials, destroy insulation, and cause appearance problems on the roof.

In winter, solar attic fans introduce cool, dry air into the attic space, but keep the outdoor temperature and attic temperature as close as possible. This continuous exchange prevents the accumulation of moisture. Effective and protect your roof.

4. The benefits of solar attic fan

①Improve comfort at home

Continuous air exchange can adjust the temperature and humidity of the attic, reducing the load on the cooling and heating system, thereby improving the comfort of your home.


②Reduce the cost of energy consumption

The solar attic fan is 100% solar energy and does not need to consume electricity. It can circulate the air, reduce the temperature of the attic, and prevent the hot air from flowing into the living area; lower the ceiling and the temperature of the attic in the living area, reduce the load of the air conditioner, and reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner.


③Extend the service life of roofing materials

The solar attic fan is the best way to resist mold and other pollutants. The solar attic fan drains the moisture, keeps the attic dry and reduces the growth of mold. Reducing mold not only improves the air quality of your home, but also extends the life of the roof, which will help save and maintain in the long run.

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