How a roof ventilator works

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How a roof ventilator works

Natural ventilation systems rely on the ability of air to circulate naturally in the attic. This uses stack effects and wind effects, but what are they?

The stack effect occurs when warm air rises in the attic, creating high pressure at the high point of the roof. Stale air is hot air escaping from the attic. But warm air can only escape if you give the cold air a way to flow into the attic. Air intakes are where fresh air enters the attic.

How roof ventilation systems work

When the wind blows on the roof from the outside, the volume of air entering and exiting increases, which is called the wind effect. The intake and exhaust are important because they promote natural airflow.

Whether you can use natural vents or need mechanical roof vents, the idea is the same. The purpose of roof vents is to circulate air through the attic to regulate the temperature.

But how many roof vents are needed? Having the correct number of intake and exhaust ports is essential to creating adequate ventilation. The air inlet and outlet work together to control the temperature in the attic and the roof. You can never have too much, but you can also have too little, so it's important to get it right.

Typically, a house needs one vent for every 300 square feet. However, this number can double if the attic is not sealed. If your home's attic does not have a vapor barrier, it is recommended that you have vents every 150 square feet.

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