How To Fill Water To Domestic Non-pressurized Solar Water Heaters

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How To Fill Water To Domestic Non-pressurized Solar Water Heaters


Solar water heater is a kind of hot water equipment widely used in the family, which brings us a good water use experience. The indispensable step before using solar water heaters is fill water to the tank. So today I will introduce some methods and precautions for fill water of solar water heaters:



1. The most primitive method ——manual fill water

Under normal circumstances, connect the tap water pipe directly to the water tank, turn on the tap water manually, and the water can be filled through the natural pressure of the tap water.


2. The easiest method ——auxiliary water tank

The function of the auxiliary water tank is to be used for the mechanical automatic water replenishment of the integrated non-pressure solar water heater, without electricity, stable and reliable performance, and easy to install. Only need to install the auxiliary water tank on the water tank.


When the water level of the solar hot water storage tank drops, the floating ball of the auxiliary water tank drops, and the water inlet valve is automatically opened to replenish the water tank. When the water tank is filled with water, the floating ball rises, automatically closes the water inlet valve and stops filling water.

Here you can see more details about the auxiliary water tank:

If you encounter the situation that the auxiliary water tank cannot be filled with water, you can first check whether the float in the auxiliary water tank is displaced (stuck).


3. The most worry-free method ——install the SR501 controller

SR501 solar controller is mainly used for intelligent control of integrated non-pressure solar water heater. It can display water temperature and water level; through the water temperature, water level and time settings to control the water tank fill the water.


Here you can see the product introduction of SR501:


A. Temperature control water filling

The controller can set the temperature of the water tank to control the fill water. When the temperature of the water tank reaches the set temperature, the controller will automatically fill the water tank with water.

For example, the controller sets the temperature to be 45 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature in the water tank reaches 45 degrees Celsius, the solenoid valve opens and fill water starts.

But if the controller cannot control the water filling, please check whether the temperature control probe has been damaged. Once the sensor fails, it will affect the water filling of the water tank. It is recommended to replace the sensor.


B. Water level control water filling

Similar to temperature control water filling, suppose the water level set by the controller is 50% of the water tank. When 50% of the water in the water tank is used, the solenoid valve opens and fill water starts.

Similarly, when the water in the water tank is less than 50% and there is still no sign of water filling, then the sensor has a problem and needs to be replaced.



C. Timed fill water

Generally, the best time to fill water to a domestic solar water heater is before the sun comes out in the morning in the summer and at night after the sun goes down and the vacuum tube cools down. Fill water is best after the temperature rises in the winter morning. The specific situation is based on the local climate.

Therefore, the controller can set the timing to fill the water. When the set time is reached, the controller will automatically fill the water tank with water, which is convenient and safe.



The above methods, whether it is the auxiliary water tank filling and the controller automatically controlling the filling, are both desirable. Each family can decide and choose according to their actual situation. For more questions and product inquiries about solar water heaters, you can visit 1st Sunflower Solar's website for information and consultation.


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