European and American logistics are in a hurry! U.S. airline seats are tight until the end of April

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European and American logistics are in a hurry! U.S. airline seats are tight until the end of April

When the global supply chain has been affected by the epidemic, the Suez Canal, which accounts for about 12% of global trade, has been interrupted and blocked, causing further pressure on the global supply chain.


In recent months, there have been more and more container ships berthed in Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to be unloaded, a large number of ships cannot be berthed, and the shipping time limit has become increasingly slim.

The U.S. shipping line is now seriously tense. The direct flights to New York have almost exploded, and the tight space has been queued to the end of April.

It is reported that the Mason Clippers are now hard to find a container, which has exceeded the peak period at the end of last year; the space of the Star Clippers has also become extremely tight due to the lack of containers in the Mason; the shipping schedule of general cargo has changed too much, and the port of destination has been delayed. Berthing operations make shipping timeliness even more ethereal.


In addition, when Ramadan meets Easter, shopping demand surges, and the popularity of ports can be imagined. At present, many ports around the world are experiencing peak arrivals.


Another research report also pointed out that the current US retail industry inventory is still at a low point, and the relative inventory level is the lowest in 28 years. This means that there will be a steady stream of goods arriving in the United States in the future.

There are also problems with land logistics. Kip Louttit, chief executive officer of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, said that a cargo ship requires 8,000 trucks to be towed out of the port, but to unload a ship, there are not enough trucks available. Freight rail transportation Are also affected.


The recent logistics situation in Europe is not optimistic. The multiple blows of the epidemic, congestion, Easter and strikes have caused Europe to face the challenge of large-scale liquidation. The congestion of the first and the end is urgent, and the timeliness will be seriously affected in the short term.

After the Suez Canal crisis, European ports will face a key risk in the next few weeks or months: "ship gathering", that is, ships deviating from their scheduled arrival plans, which will eventually lead to gatherings at the port and cause port congestion.


DTM2 and WRO5, KTW1, WRO1 warehouses in Germany are more difficult to make appointments; BHX4 warehouses in the UK are very slow on shelves, and LBA2 warehouses are also rejected.

The British DPD warehouse has accumulated tens of thousands of Amazon parcels that cannot be delivered, and hundreds of trucks are backlogged. DPD has currently suspended pickup services in the UK.

In addition, Belgium, the Netherlands and other places have also experienced serious warehouse explosions, shortages of capacity, and delays in timeliness. This situation may not gradually recover until the end of Easter.

The main reason for this large-scale liquidation was the third wave of epidemics in Europe. Recently, the third wave of the epidemic in Europe has spread, and many countries including France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy have implemented blockades again.

Another reason is that the Easter holiday abroad is from April 2nd to 5th. The local manpower is insufficient, and the back-end tally clearance and delivery will be delayed.

Faced with the unsmooth global supply chain, I would like to remind you that if there is a shipment plan in the near future, please make the shipment as soon as possible to avoid affecting the shipment!

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