Domestic solar water heating system

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The solar domestic hot water system heats the water circulation through the solar collector, and then stores it in the insulated water tank to meet the daily needs of customers. Practice has proved that solar water heating system is a kind of highly energy-saving solar equipment, and has a bright future.


The domestic solar water heating system is mainly composed of the following parts:

1.Solar collector

The function of the heat collecting element in the system is equivalent to the electric heating tube in an electric water heater. Unlike electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar collectors use the radiant heat of the sun, so the heating time can only be during the day when the sun is shining, so auxiliary heating is sometimes required, such as boilers and electric heating.

2.Insulation water tank

Because solar water heaters can only work during the day, and people generally use hot water at night, the hot water placed by the collector during the day must be stored in a thermal insulation tank.

3. Connect the wires

The hot water is transferred from the collector to the heat preservation water tank, and the cold water is transferred from the heat preservation water tank to the channel of the heat collector, so that the entire system forms a closed loop. The design is reasonable, and whether the correct circulation pipe is connected to the solar system can reach the optimal working intensity. Hot water pipes must be insulated.

The customer wants to install a hot water heating system in his home. Since he wants to place the water tank indoors, the water tank cannot penetrate the door, and the water tank must be made on site. Therefore, we did not configure a water tank for this system.

However, the water tank made by the customer does not have a built-in heat exchanger (copper coil), so we added a heat exchanger to the system:


Domestic solar water heating system

According to the customer's requirements, heating 550 gallons of hot water for daily use, we recommend that he use 7 30-tube 300L collectors, but due to the limited installation area of the customer, only two 300L and two 240L collectors can be installed in the end. Heater, with an average power of 10kw, which is about 1/3 of that required for heating in winter.

Customers have a certain understanding of solar water heating systems. In the process of communication, customers have several questions:

1. Can the collector be erected on the south wall?

It can be installed vertically. Our American customers also installed it in the same way. For details, please refer to the following pictures:

Domestic solar water heating system-2

2. Can pentane be used in the circulating fluid?

Our recommended circulating fluid is water or propylene glycol naphthalene, which has high efficiency and stable and mature system operation.


Most customers have existing water tanks before installing solar water heating systems, but basically there will not be a built-in frequency converter, so we provide an external operating system to meet the heat transfer of the system.

If you also face the problem that the water tank has no built-in syringe or too much installation area, please contact us and we can give you a satisfactory solution.

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