Difference Between Active Ventilation and Passive Ventilation

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Difference Between Active Ventilation and Passive Ventilation

What is active ventilation?

Active ventilation is a system that uses mechanical fans to provide air circulation in an indoor space. This type of ventilation is particularly important for ventilating spaces prone to moisture and spaces that collect too much heat (such as attics and garages). It also helps the house be protected from potentially harmful odors and gases, which may accumulate in the storage of chemicals, equipment, and even vehicles.

Pros and cons of active ventilation

Active ventilation provides a ventilation system for homes or businesses. It does not rely on natural airflow, so it will not be affected by the weather like passive ventilation. If you choose Solar attic fan ventilation equipment, you don't have to worry about the increase in electricity bills. As a 100% solar-powered device, Solar attic fan can keep fresh air indoors. Install solar fans on the roof and maintain ventilation to reduce mold growth in winter and lower the temperature in summer.

What is passive ventilation?

Passive ventilation is a system that provides air circulation in an indoor space by using natural methods (for example, thermal buoyancy and airflow). This type mainly uses vents or windows to control and guide air circulation. Passive systems such as these can adjust the air temperature and introduce fresh air while expelling old stale air.

Pros and cons of passive ventilation

Passive ventilation is indeed cheaper than active ventilation. They may also require less maintenance because it does not involve the use of wires, solar panels or circuits. However, its efficiency is also much lower. Passive ventilation works best when there is a significant difference in temperature between indoor air and outdoor air. And when the hot wind rises. Therefore, the vent at the top of the door discharges hot air, which provides space for sucking in cold air through the vent at the bottom of the door. However, if there is no significant difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor air, the efficiency of the system will be reduced, and the effect will be much lower than that of active ventilation.

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