Cool Attic&Cool Room

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Cool Attic&Cool Room

A solar attic fan is an active source of ventilation that promotes lower attic temperatures, saving energy by helping reduce the amount of time air conditioning units need to run. Picture this: it's sunny and it's 90 degrees outside - you're having fun and enjoying the weather, but at the same time, your attic is overheated by the sun's radiant energy, turning your attic into a 140-degree " hot box". Such extreme temperatures in the attic can saturate all building materials in the attic space, including your home's insulation.

Once your attic insulation absorbs heat, it will stay above 100º at night. This excess heat is transferred directly to the living space below you. Attic heat can get trapped because most attics consist of only passive ventilation systems (i.e. ridge vents, eaves vents, gable vents) which do not work well due to their passive nature. Solar attic fans work differently because they create "active" ventilation that pushes heat out of the attic through vents.

Solar Attic Fan

Using solar energy, solar attic fans operate efficiently and quietly every day of the year, ventilating the attic and preventing heat and moisture build-up.

In summer, solar-powered attic fans provide efficient ventilation, reducing attic temperatures by up to 40º without the need for power by forcing hot air from the attic and venting it outside. By reducing attic temperatures, heat loads are significantly reduced, making your living space more comfortable while saving energy and reducing utility costs.

Energy saving

Solar-powered attic fans can reduce air conditioning operating needs by up to 20%. Unlike traditional electric attic fans that consume a lot of electricity during their lifetime, solar attic fans work efficiently and effectively without increasing your utility bills.

eliminate moisture

In addition, solar attic fans remove trapped moisture and humidity, both of which can affect insulation, joists, rafters, and promote the growth of mold spores and mildew, especially during prolonged periods of rain. Year-round ventilation provides preventative maintenance for your attic and roof.

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