Comparison of solar flat collectors and solar tube collectors

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Among the solar water heaters, people are most concerned about solar collectors. Many people still dont know the difference between solar flat collectors and solar tube collectors. Let's compare them and let everyone do it. Know the difference between the two.

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Solar tube collectors and solar flat collectors can be compared in the following ways:

1. Compare the styles:

Solar flat collectors are an early product design, while solar tube collectors are a new generation. It has been widely promoted, and there are more and more customers seeking tubular collectors in the international market. After all, it is a new product with excellent performance.

2. Compare the principle of heat absorption:

The two are similar, both of which use a coating to absorb heat. Although the materials of the coating are somewhat different, the endothermic efficiency is similar.

3. Compare the structure:

The coating of the solar tube collector is sealed in a vacuum, which does not dissipate heat due to the presence of a vacuum layer. The coating is also not oxidized and eroded to maintain long-term stability.


The coating of the solar flat collector is not sealed and there is no insulation on it, which brings 3 defects.

1) When the ambient temperature is low, the heat loss absorbed by the coating is large.

2) If the temperature of the collector is high, and the temperature difference between the ambient temperature is large, the heat loss is large. That is to say, the solar flat collector cannot provide hot water at a high temperature.

3) Since the coating is not sealed, it is easily oxidized and corroded, and spots appear, and the thermal efficiency is lowered. Service life is not as good as solar tube collector.

4. Compare life:

Solar flat collectors do not have good air tightness and the heat absorbing coating is exposed to the air.

As the use time increases, the coating is oxidized and corroded, causing spots or falling off, which directly leads to a decrease in the heat absorption area and a decrease in heat absorption.Especially in areas with high temperatures and relatively high humidity.The vacuum tube adopts a double-layer vacuum structure, and the coating is insulated from the air to keep the coating in good condition for a long time.Therefore, the life of solar flat collectors is lower than that of tubular collectors, mainly due to their different configurations.


In summary, regarding the comparison of solar collectors in solar water heaters, it is recommended to use solar tube collectors preferentially, and secondly to select solar flat collectors.

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