Calculation of Roof Air Ventilation Fan

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Calculation of Roof Air Ventilation Fan

With the advent of summer, it is an urgent need for every family to ventilate and purify the room, breathe fresh air, and even reduce the concentration of germs. Solar Powered Attic Fan is being widely valued by people. It can not only meet people's need for home ventilation, but also reduce the cost of living and protect the environment.

At present, there are many solar attic fans in the market, with power ranging from 10Watt 15Watt 20Watt 25Watt 30Watt 35Watt 40Watt and so on. The performance differences of products of different manufacturers are also relatively large, and they are also different in product design. How to choose a solar roof air ventilation correctly? This is very important, not only affecting the ventilation effect, but also related to the cost performance of the investment.

Solar roof vent should consider the area of the house, the slope of the roof, the height of the building, the division of the interior of the room and the decoration.

When these influencing factors are determined, the solar roof exhaust fan's exhaust air volume is the key factor in choosing the type of solar roof ventilation.

As defined by HVI, proper ventilation is ideal with 10-12 complete air exchanges are completed each hour. So, by achieving these air exchanges, one should be able to get the temperature of the attic approximately 5-15 degrees fahrenheit above ambient. 

First calculate the volume of the residence, check the solar attic fan's exhaust volume, and then according to the reference standard of the HVI specification, we can easily calculate the type and number of solar roof vent fans required.

Most homes have a building height between 3 meters and 4.5 meters (10 feet to 15 feet) and a building area between 90 square meters and 200 square meters (1000sq.ft-2000sq.ft). For such a house structure, and the technical parameters of sunflower company Solar Powered Attic Fan. Most families only need to install one 40 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan. A few families need to install 2 pcs 40 Watt Solar Powered Attic Fan.

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