Application of solar attic fan

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In the summer, due to the sunlight, the indoor air is constantly going up, and the temperature in the attic is generally higher than the downstairs. At this time, if an exhaust fan is installed at the top of the attic, the heat will be continuously drained, the whole room will cool down, and the electricity cost of installing the air conditioner will be saved. Not only that, the attic ventilation keeps helping to eliminate the harmful effects of condensation build-up, which can lead to decay, mold and mildew. Nowadays, the combination of attic fans and solar technology perfectly solves the problem of energy saving and ventilation. Under the effect of low-cost solar energy, fresh air is kept circulating through the attic space.



1.Harness the power of the sun

Solar attic fan works very simply. The fan itself is mounted on the roof, and the solar panels absorb the sunlight to activate the solar attic fan motor, which drives the fan blades for ventilation. And provide enough power for the fan to rotate the fan for efficiency.

Many times, these solar panels are mounted directly outside the fan casing, but if your fan is installed in a dark area, you can choose to install the solar panels in different areas to get enough sunlight. After the installation is completed, the solar attic fan will affect the speed of the blade as the light intensity changes. Whenever the sun comes out, let the air clear through the vents of the solar attic fan and blow off the hot, stale and humid air at the same time.


2.No wiring, no switch, no troubles

The biggest advantage of the integrated solar attic fan is its ease of installation. It is independent. Because its energy source is the sun, so you don't have to worry about how to play with any wires, switches and later use. The only thing you need to do is to install the solar attic fan perfectly on your roof. Ensure that the solar panels receive the most direct sunlight and allow the blades to run. Also, remember that it is important to keep the attic ventilation throughout the year.

Application of solar attic fan


3.Solar attic fan is almost maintenance-free

In addition to the ease of installation, the user is more concerned about the later use and maintenance. When it comes to solar attic fans, the fact that they require little maintenance is that solar panels can last up to 25 years or more, as long as they are used properly. This means that once you get it, install it and you don't need to take care of them. Of course, unless the smog is serious or the dust is frequent, the solar panels need to be cleaned and maintained frequently to prevent surface dust and affect the absorption rate and power generation efficiency.


4.Solar attic fan can be used for different occasions

As solar attic fans become more popular, home-style solar attic fans are no longer able to meet people's needs, and larger factories and warehouses also need solar attic fans. In the long-term, impenetrable workshop, mechanical equipment and production workers will also be affected by the lack of air circulation and humidity. Therefore, the solar attic fan does not require additional power and can be installed directly on the roof. It is easy to operate, convenient and practical, and the number of fans installed can be determined according to the size of the space of the plant.



As energy costs continue to rise, people have to look at a variety of energy-saving products, and solar attic fans are one of them. The solar attic ventilation fan not only keeps the attic cool, but also makes the attic roof have a lower humidity, and the roof tiles are prone to aging and cracking under long periods of high temperature, so lowering the attic temperature can also extend the roof life. In addition, the solar attic fan does not rely on electricity, and the heat from the sun is extracted from the attic by the action of solar energy. In this way, it can also help reduce the workload of air conditioners, saving 30% of air conditioner costs. Not only that, it can also be installed on a variety of roofs.

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