Advanced Solar Photonics selects Dunmore PV backsheets

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SFB Series Solar Water Heater

On April 3, 2012, DUNMORE Corp (Bristol, Pennsylvania, United States) announced that deliver photovoltaic (PV) modules lower strata to advanced solar Photonics (ASP, Lake Mary, Florida, United States). The lower strata will isolate and protect made the circuit of the modules by ASP.
ASP DUNMORE elected lower strata due to the ability of the company to produce variable widths of lower strata. DUNMORE programs, including SmoothStart, also contributed ASP decision.
ASP is a manufacturer of crystalline silicon PV modules in the United States with 100 megawatts (MW) of capacity in 2012. The company will apply DUNMORE Backsheets solar energy projects throughout North America including the first 40 MW phase of Sorrento solar farm project in Lake County, Florida. DUNMORE not open about the financial details.
PV Backsheets for reliable performance
DUNMORE offer high performance and long life lower strata by the producer. Protect to protect workers by electric current, solar panel circuit from the elements, and prevent that current "leaking" of modules and eroding their productivity.
"Long-term PV-modules and an integral part of a solar power station is success," ASP spokesman Lawrence Hefler said.
"We DUNMORE have our source for lower strata, because the company a good reputation for the provision of quality and high performance."
"DUNMORE lower strata are to contribute, you will get 20, 25 or 30 years companies such as ASP a reliable performance from their solar modules." "The figures that the solar industry in an economically realistic alternative to fossil fuels must propose to develop are" specified DUNMORE Vice President John Jordon.

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