solar energy to heat water for homes harness

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Heat pipe Solar CollectorDan Abramowitz of St. Petersburg, make links, and Chris Robledo of the Lellman to install itself on a rooftop solar water heater.

CLEARWATER - who Homer villas reminded, a public housing development off N Betty Lane, would not identify the area of the present. It is now the Stevens Creek subdivision, a district of colorful single-family Habitat for humanity homes.Now, are these homes to take advantage of the Sun's energy.
"Progress energy donated 15 solar water heater for our affordable housing", said Steven Lightburn, Vice President for development at Habitat for humanity of Pinellas County. "This kind of resource who is incredible."
TECO Energy Inc. donated four units, of which two Habitat houses have been installed in Oldsmar.
"With the way, how we build, the typical electric bill $100 to $150 per month cost," said Lightburn. "With solar water heater, immediately some take out and you're at the point of fighting, to people with that money, feed the family search."
A total of 51 houses are on the 10-hectare site of Stevens Creek, which will be built South of sunset point road. Habitat petition Pinellas County and the city of Clearwater, around the country were acquire the Homer villas the ground made equal and housing fell plans of the Government to a multi-purpose area with retail, and moderate-to low-income by create.
To build the infrastructure of roads, lighting, sewerage, drainage and retention basin lasted two years. End of 2010 the first two houses were built, and renter of Homer villas, moved the first owner of the House, a past in.
Each House is built to be energy-efficient. The solar thermal plants is expected that homeowners save up to 85% off the hot water part of their electricity bill, which is about 20 percent of the Bill.
Also the exchange of a traditional water heater with a solar-powered system to reduce more than 40,000 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, Jeremiah said tube of solar source, the company over 20 years the a solar water heating on the roof installed on 1851 fuller drive on Saturday.
The device produces no electricity. It heats constantly 40 gallon water with solar energy, so that it saves electricity needed to heat water. A backup system occurs when the Sun not for two or three days to shine.

It has a solar collector with 4-inch diameter copper tubes and a storage tank. The tubes absorbHeat pipe Solar Collector (1) radiation and preheat the stored water in a particular flowing pattern so water is heated and used, then the next tube of cooler water is heated by the sun.


It is a passive system without pumps and works automatically. The cost for this special unit, completely installed, is about $4,000.
"In this day and age, there is a 30 percent tax credit on the device", said pipe. "We have so far installed nine in this area and am a long-time supporter of solar water heating." That pays you back month-to-month. "Florida has a fabulous free resource and no natural resources of fossil fuels to use."
Installation of devices, existing houses takes years to recoup the costs. But with water bills on the rise, this figure could fall. And built for Habitat homeowners, the costs in the price of the House.
"We are progress grateful, energy for their support of our program in General and in particular with the solar water heaters", said Ron Spoor, Chief Operating Officer of Habitat for humanity of Pinellas. He noted that the 51 houses in the Habitat subdivision property taxes are built according to Clearwater and Pinellas County to pay.

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