Why would people solar attic fan

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Why would people solar attic fan

1. Solar attic fans can reduce the pressure of air conditioners and reduce household energy consumption.

The solar attic fan circulates air, lowers the temperature of the attic, prevents hot air from flowing into the living area, reduces the ceiling temperature in the living area, and reduces the power consumption of the air conditioner.

Attics, garages and crawl spaces that are not properly insulated will not be isolated from the rest of the home. This forces all the heat that the air conditioner accumulates in these spaces. As the air heats up, cold air from the rest of the home is drawn into these spaces. Your home air conditioning unit will not properly cool your loft, garage and crawl space. Your air conditioning unit has twice the working pressure. This can result in unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment.

2. Solar attic fans maintain roof integrity through home ventilation.

No matter where you live in the world, UV rays can be the biggest threat to your roof. This threat continues throughout the year. Surprisingly, the biggest damage is not from direct ultraviolet light, but from the heat and moisture accumulated under the roof. Many families lack adequate home ventilation systems. This causes hot air to accumulate in spaces such as the attic and the crawling space. The hot air gathered directly under the roof turns the attic into an oven, cooking the roofing material from the inside out, slowly eroding the integrity of the roof. This greatly shortens its service life, and if you have proper attic insulation and household ventilation fans, it usually forces you to change your roof earlier.

3. Solar attic fans prevent moisture and mold from accumulating in the attic, crawling space and garage.

In winter, warm, humid air rises to the icy bottom of the roof, and excessive moisture can increase the growth of mold. There are no household ventilation fans or exhaust vents, and the temperature in the attic, crawling space and garage will skyrocket. Water builds up and becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold and mold. The lack of proper insulation results in the inhalation of expensive cold air from your air conditioning unit through a non-ventilated, non-insulated loft that only adds to the problem. solar attic fans help to ventilate and reduce condensation, which reduces mold growth.

4. Solar attic fan keeps things in the attic and garage.

All the hot air in the attic is cooking all the stored souvenirs and family heirlooms, such as fresh steaks. Molds and molds that accumulate in space not only damage the integrity of the roof and walls, but also consume everything stored in the space. All of these precious family memories are threatened by heat, humidity and mold spores, which slowly swallow up everything stored in the attic space. And all the tools in your garage? They rust under the impact of heat, mold and mold.

5. Solar attic fans can extend the life of your home.

The attic is generally made of wood. Over time, if the humidity is too heavy, the house will be damaged. The solar attic fan keeps the attic ventilated, which regulates the humidity and extends the life of the attic. However, family houses are generally tile roofs, which reduce the temperature of the attic, extend the life of the roof, and save the cost of repair and replacement.

6. Solar attic fans make your home more environmentally friendly.

You may already have an attic fan, but it may be one of the old electric fans. Electric loft ventilation fans can attract electricity and dramatically increase your electricity bill. However, solar attic fans are free to operate and rely entirely on solar energy. It can save you money instead of spending money. It is also completely out of the grid. There is no fossil fuel. All renewable free energy.

In general, the use of solar attic fans is nothing but harmless. Compared with traditional electric ventilation fans, it is more environmentally friendly, saves money and electricity, and is easy to install and maintain. Solar attic fans are big helpers in the home, bringing many benefits. It is so important in the home, in the factory, in the warehouse, and so on.

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