Why does attic need ventilation?

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Why does attic need ventilation?

Today, roofs are built with better insulation and airtightness. The reverse problem is that the heat dissipation is not good in summer, and the moisture in winter is easy to grow mold. Therefore, it is essential for people to install solar attic fans to ventilate the attic.

In summer, hot air rises and gathers inside the roof, and the solar attic fan can take the heat out in time, effectively ventilate, and cool down the house. Without attic ventilation, summer attic temperatures can be consistently high. The attic is hot even at night. Excess heat can affect the life of the roof and penetrate into the living areas of the home. Good attic ventilation will keep the home noticeably cooler and reduce the load on the air conditioner.

In the winter, timely attic ventilation can remove moisture from the attic that can lead to mold. And the moist air always rises and touches the cold underside of the roof, forming water vapor and water droplets, which can cause mold, rot wood, etc., and also affect the service life of the roof.

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