Types of Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

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Before the hot water tank solar system - a system of this type is to use two tanks tank known as the solar hot water tank, which is a basic solar hot water storage tank.

A solar preheating tank is the presence of the hot water tank of the hot water used to supplement. This type of system is the most common adaptation, since it uses the existing hot water tank, and requires very little adaptation pipeline. Existing main power supply line is oriented to the preheating tank, is then heated after the supply line is again sucked.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

The most effective system, the basic theory of stratification. The stratification of the water in the tank thermosiphon solar heating (or a very slow pump). This slow, the mixed water apparatus, the upper always hotter. As the water enters the upper main tank, the hottest water, always use first. Average prices remain a lot (not all the time) to use hot water, solar energy systems can provide the day-to-day demand.
Solar water heaters and tanks. The principle is the same, the water pre-heated by the solar storage tank prior to entering the tankless heater. As an example, the main feed water from entering the house can be heated to 40 degrees, if the tank-less water heater is set at 140 degrees, and the voice of the heat storage pre 120 only 20 degrees compared to provide energy temperature, 100 degrees a high temperature, with the former the Li Jun deposits. This is a significant savings in heat!
The tanks solar system combinations - These specially designed solar tank solar preheating tank, an electric heater the backup in a single unit composition.
This tank using the internal heat exchanger in the tank bottom. The solar cycle through this loop, heating water. A rapid rise in temperature of the water containing an electrical heating element or auxiliary days without the top of the tank of the sun.
Although there are many solar preheat tank and heat exchanger is a very small number, designed for the North American market, and UL certification. If your existing water tank needs, combined with the solar tank installation or replacement of the ideal new home.

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