The reasons that you need to choose solar thermal collector system

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Nowadays, the use of solar energy to produce hot water solar is much easier than before. Heliodyne solar hot water systems, easy, and efficient use of solar-heated water. Government agencies also offer rebates for solar energy utilization, so that everyone is affordable Solar thermal collector system.

Consider installing environmentally friendly solar water heating system in your home.

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1. Domestic hot water of more than $ 1.3 billion U.S. dollars for energy in the United States
   The equivalent of 11.4 million barrels of oil in U.S. households
   The equivalent of driving 12,000 miles per average car
2. The typical American family accounted for over 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions from traditional water heating
3. Water heater installed in the United States more than 100 million. 50% electric and 50% gas, provides a huge untapped potential for solar hot water
4. Solar thermal energy is free, can usually provide up to 80% of the annual energy to heat domestic hot water
5. Solar thermal collector systems greatly reduce the family's carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30% of the solar thermal hot water and space heating is the most economically viable renewable energy
6. More than 1.5 million U.S. households to install solar water heating systems
7. Solar energy is the most abundant energy on our planet

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