The key to the performance of the system in Solar Panels

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While solar energy is most associated with the production of electricity, heating is also an important use. As it warms up, it is not particularly difficult, the heat transmission efficiency is the key to the performance of the system.
A key element in solar panels: efficiency
The Sun produces tons of energy, but solar panels systems have historically been very inefficient in use, and convert it. With the improvement of technology, efficiency has improved to the point that most systems of panels can produce enough energy to heat the water for the home and the swimming pools. There are efficient and inefficient ways to go about this process.
Installation of flow control systems
To save the wear and tear of the panels, it is necessary to consider a flow control system. Older panel systems tend to take a long time to heat up fluid because water more or less randomly circulates through the system. This is very inefficient because the panels are forced to heat a pool much larger than it really needs. This results in wear and tear, not to mention a long wait for hot water.
A flow control system attacks the problem of efficiency through the reduction of the amount of water that must be heated. Most are designed to work in temperature differential strategies. They work using two sensors. The first is located near the panels that are used to heat water or liquid substitute. The second is located on or near the return valve of liquid in the system of panels. That in practical terms, a sensor measures the temperature of the liquid set to leave the panel, while the other measures the temperature of the liquid coming into the panel.
Workflow systems waiting to liquid at the height of a temperature determined by you. Once the liquid meets the temperature, the system turns the circulation pump and liquid is moved to the desired position can be a storage tank. Once the return valve sensor takes note of the return water temperature is within a particular range of liquid in the system of panels, the pump shuts off. This process allows the times quicker, more energy efficiency and less waste.
Solar solutions are coming to the front of the debate on energy for many residential energy needs. Countries such as Germany, are making huge investments in solar platforms and technologies. Solar can also be a cost-effective solution for you. We must bear in mind that flow systems are a necessity if you are pursuing solar water heating.

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