The genuine green living to try a solar water heater

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A solar water heater, you will get your domestic hot water needs, and at the same time to save money and energy, and reduce its reliance on coal-fired power generation.
A year later, their solar water heater, the owners, Bob Allen and Lyle Rudensey said, they never go back to relying on traditional water heater.
Even in the dark, rainy Seattle, they save money and energy, water heating and the power of the sun.

"Lyle said:" Because of the lack of leadership at the federal level, I think this is very important, we do everything we can to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar hot water system is a great place to start, they are not as expensive as solar photovoltaic cells, they will save you a lot of energy and financial resources. "

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Look at his family energy bill, Lyle notes, it is difficult to quantify the exact dollar amount of the new water heater saved, because he and Bob also install energy efficient appliances and a solar photovoltaic power generation system last year, as the overall part of a strategy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
However, in the United States Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), hot water use more household energy than any other activities in addition to heating and cooling, so replace your domestic hot water energy and free power from the sun will have a significant impact on your bottom line .
A combination of all of the savings, Lyle pointed out that he and Bob electricity bills have dropped to a low of 5 yuan.
"In addition, the water heater to increase the value of the house," Bob said. "This is a hedge against future energy cost increases."
Bob and Lyle install an active solar water heater vacuum tube collectors, this is a great project that they say, in the Pacific Northwest, because the heater continued to work, even on cloudy days, or when the temperature freeze.
"I can not think of any negative impact, would say, what, said:" Lyle. "It never stops to amaze me to see our solar hot water system is still pumping water 80 - 100 degrees, to every night, it was not even sunny.

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