The difference between on-grid and off-grid solar power systems

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The difference between on-grid and off-grid solar power systems


  As solar energy is gradually becoming popular and becoming the mainstream, it is not only environmentally friendly but also saves money. Many people start to install solar power systems. However, solar power systems are divided into On-grid solar power systems and off-grid solar power systems. Many people don’t know the difference between them. In order to better choose solar power systems, the following introduces the difference between the two:

【Main body】:

1. On-grid solar power system:

   On-grid solar power system is mainly composed of solar panels and inverters. The solar panels are directly converted into 220V AC power by the inverter and supply power to household appliances.

   The On-grid system is grid-connected to the mains. The On-grid solar system generates electricity without storage devices. It is directly inverted into the required voltage for the parallel power required by the national grid, and is given priority for family use. The family’s unused electricity can be used. Many countries have relevant policies for selling to the country, and you need to apply to the local national grid department before installation.



①Intelligent control does not need to be turned on or off manually.

When the power generated by solar energy exceeds the power used by household appliances, the surplus electricity is sent to the public grid; when the power generated by solar energy cannot meet the use of household appliances, it is automatically supplemented from the power grid.

②The solar battery is not used, which greatly saves the cost of the system.

From a long-term perspective of investment, the cost can be recovered and there is a possibility of profitability in a few years. Therefore, if you want to save electricity costs and provide convenient power supply, you can choose grid-connected solar power generation systems, which is also the mainstream method at present or in the future.



   When the public grid is out of power, solar photovoltaic power generation cannot operate. Must be connected to the public grid, that is, solar power generation, home grid, and public grid are linked together. This is a power generation system that must rely on the existing grid to operate.

2. Off-grid solar power system:

  Off-grid solar power system, also called independent solar power system, is a system that does not rely on the grid and operates independently. It mainly consists of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components.

  The electricity generated by the solar panel flows directly into the battery and is stored. When it is necessary to supply power to the electrical appliances, the DC current in the battery is converted into 220V AC power through the inverter, which is a repeated cycle of charging and discharging.



①It is not restricted by region and is widely used. It can be installed and used in places with sunlight. It is very suitable for remote areas without power grids, isolated islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding bases, etc., and can also be used as emergency power generation equipment in areas with frequent power outages .

②For families in areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages, it has strong practicability. Especially in order to solve the lighting problem during power outage, DC energy-saving lamps can be used, which is very practical.



   High cost. This kind of system must be equipped with batteries, and it accounts for 30-50% of the cost of the power generation system. Moreover, the service life of the battery is generally 3-5 years, and it has to be replaced later, which adds to the cost of use. In terms of economy, it is difficult to be widely promoted and used, so it is not suitable for use in places where electricity is convenient.


  In general, the solar power system needs to be selected according to local national policies, local power conditions, and household usage. If the country has relevant subsidy policies for the On-grid solar power system, and the voltage is stable, you can choose the On-grid solar power system. The off-grid solar power system is specifically designed for use in areas without power grids or areas with frequent power outages.

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