The difference between off-grid inverter and on-grid inverter

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The difference between off-grid inverter and on-grid inverter


As we all know, solar panels generate direct current, but most equipment used in the home use alternating current. Therefore, solar inverters are the key equipment for converting direct current to alternating current.

There are two main types of solar power systems: on-grid and off-grid. Although the main function of the inverter is always the same (converting direct current to alternating current), the inverters used in the two solar power systems are different.



1. On-grid inverter

The on-grid inverter converts the DC voltage of the solar panel into AC voltage, which be used immediately or output to the public grid. The on-grid inverter can only operate when the utility is open. When the utility fails, the on-grid inverter will shut down immediately.

If you install a on-grid solar power system in your home, it must be connected to the public grid. The electricity generated by the solar system will be supplied to your home appliances first through the inverter, and the rest of the unused electricity will be directly input to the public grid.

In addition, one of the main features of on-grid inverters is to stop operation when the grid fails. Prevent technicians who perform any maintenance work on the public grid from the risk of electric shock.

Therefore, during a fault or power outage, the on-grid inverter will also stop working, which will affect people's normal electricity.


2. Off-grid inverter

Off-grid inverters are different from on-grid inverters. The off-grid inverter does not need to be connected to the public grid, so even if the public grid fails or power outage, it will not affect the work and use of the off-grid solar power system. Especially in areas with scarce power equipment and frequent power outages, off-grid solar power systems are very suitable.


But there are two situations to be aware of:

If it only supplies power to DC appliances, the off-grid power generation system may not include an inverter.

If it is to supply AC appliances, an inverter must be included. Because the function of the off-grid inverter is to convert the output power of the solar battery pack into AC power for home appliances.



To choose the correct inverter, you first need to confirm the type of solar power system. Secondly, it is necessary to calculate the AC equipment and quantity that will be used, and which AC equipment will operate at the same time. Not only that, the inverter must be able to withstand all the AC loads to be operated at the same time, so as to select the correct inverter and effectively use the solar power system.

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