The benefits of solar attic fan

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The benefits of solar attic fan


Affected by the new coronavirus, global economic activity is gradually recovering.With the advent of summer, it is an urgent need for every family to ventilate and purify the room, breathe fresh air, and even reduce the concentration of germs.Solar Powered Attic Fan is being widely valued by people.

It can not only meet people's need for home ventilation, but also reduce the cost of living and protect the environment.

【Main body】:

Some benefits of using solar attic fans:

1. The solar attic fan is 100% solar, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can keep indoor ventilation.

It can maintain fresh indoor air and maintain ventilation to reduce mold growth in winter and lower the temperature in summer. It completely relies on solar energy to work, energy saving and environmental protection. In addition to its own costs, there are no maintenance costs and operating costs.

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2. Solar attic fan can reduce the pressure of air conditioning, reduce household energy consumption, and reduce electricity bills.

The solar attic fan circulates the air, reduces the temperature of the attic and prevents hot air from flowing into the living area; reduces the ceiling temperature of the living area and reduces the power consumption of the air conditioner.

In the hot summer, the attic will reach high temperature. The use of solar attic fans can effectively reduce the temperature of the attic. At the same time, as the solar fan reduces the temperature of the attic, the workload of the air conditioning system will be reduced, thereby reducing household energy consumption and reducing electricity bills. Expenditure and extend the service life of air conditioners.

3. Solar attic fan can extend the service life of the roof

The attic is generally a wooden structure. Over time, if the humidity is too heavy, the house will be damaged. The solar attic fan can keep the attic ventilated, thereby regulating the humidity and extending the life of the attic.

However, family houses are generally tiled roofs, and the purpose of asphalt shingles is to endure several years of sun damage. However, overheated attic and insufficient ventilation will expose them to preventable heat and damage. By reducing the temperature of the attic, the service life of the roof is prolonged and the cost of maintenance and replacement is saved.

4. Solar attic fan prevents moisture accumulation in the attic and garage, prevents accumulation of moisture and mold

In winter, warm and humid air will rise to the cold bottom of the roof, and excessive humidity will increase the growth of mold.

Without household ventilation fans or exhaust vents, the temperature in the attic and garage will soar. Moisture accumulates and becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Excess water will seep into the attic through ceiling lamps, bathroom exhaust fans, and other possible ceiling leaks and cracks. Condensation of moisture in the attic and garage causes mold to grow.

The solar attic fan helps to ventilate and reduces condensation, thereby reducing the growth of mold.

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  In general, the use of solar attic fans is profitable and harmless. Compared with traditional electric ventilation fans, it is more environmentally friendly and saves money and electricity, does not require energy consumption, is easy to install and maintain, and can keep the house cool. Solar attic fan is a big helper in the family and brings many benefits. Whether it is in the home, factory, warehouse, etc., it is so important.

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