The advantage of solar energy applied on parking shed

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In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to energy issues. The application and promotion of solar energy has received more and more attention, and the application fields are becoming more and more extensive. According to the characteristics of solar energy and the needs of practical applications, photovoltaics and carports are combined to realize all the functions of traditional carports. Not only that, but also by placing solar panels on the top of the carport, the solar panels are combined with the roof of the building, which has the functions of heat insulation, rainproof and sunshade. Solar photovoltaic car sheds are the future development direction, and its development prospects are very broad.


Overseas, solar parking has been widely used in commercial environments. In recent years, China has also begun to vigorously promote solar car sheds. While making full use of solar energy resources, it also contributes to low-carbon environmental protection. In some factory areas, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, many beautiful solar photovoltaic carports can be seen.


In fact, solar PV carports are not only used in the commercial environment. If there are 1-2 cars in the home and there are plans to build a parking shed, you can also consider configuring a solar parking shed. Home solar parking sheds with charging posts are ideal for homes with electric vehicles.


The combination of solar energy and parking lots can not only improve the efficiency of the lack of ground resources, but also effectively use the parking lot to build solar energy facilities, obtain clean new energy, improve the urban “heat island” effect, and improve and improve the city's quality of life.


Not only that, but what are the benefits of solar power applications in parking lots?

1. Beautiful shape. Solar photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the carport, replacing the roof of traditional garage membrane structural steel. Under the arrangement of a certain scale of solar panels, it is also a low-carbon landscape in the city.

2. Practicality. It not only protects cars from the sun and rain, but also provides a stable green power supply for new energy vehicles and commercial electricity.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection. Using solar power to generate electricity, no pollution, noise control, and environmental protection are green energy sources with low carbon and environmental protection.

4. Low cost and long-term profit. The photovoltaic carport system will continue to generate electricity for about 25 years. After recovering the input cost, you can enjoy the net income brought by the solar photovoltaic carport.



Although the development and utilization of solar energy is so rich and varied, so far, the solar energy used is very small compared to the energy of the sun shining on the earth, and the precious energy given by nature is lost. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, solar power systems are combined with buildings such as parking sheds for parking, factories, and tourist attractions. Not only is the vehicle provided with sun and rain, but the remaining power can also be incorporated into the national grid. Conducive to the flexibility and practicality of communities, industrial areas and tourist areas.

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