The Solar water heater ear is coming

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Split Heat Pipe Solar Collector

No, you see people, too much on our website not news from Rheem, the vacuum and household appliances. But one can in the future, as the company turns out to be one of a growing number of supporters for the solar water heaters.
In these systems, water is heated by solar beams directly from a tank on the roof - a common practice in Spain or Israel - or on the roof may heating carry energy in a basement, like in Rheem products. (See photo of jolly seller.)
The basement versions are less noticeable because the panels in the roof line of a House fit. The roof based Israeli water heaters, however, a kind of "Petticoat Junction" will give the home atmosphere meets "Mad Max". (See another grainy photo).
Solar water heaters are very efficient and were in Berkeley, California and Florida used in the 1920s. "There are a lot more thermal energy in sunlight as electricity", said Chris Beekhuis by Fat Spaniel technologies, an energy company that helps a solar laundromat in Canada set. "In Los Angeles, all came hot water (solar) thermal heating up in the 1920s," before the Stadtwerke she switched electrically.

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